Yarn Stash Enhancements

Since my beloved LYS is having its big holiday sale, and I don’t yet already have enough yarn to actually  cross the “pathology line”  into  hoarding,  I’ve been to shop there twice since last Saturday.  Here’s the goods (crappy cell phone pictures all, I’m afraid):

This was what I went for today – more yarn to finish baby blanket # 804.

More Noro Kureyon for the potential Lizard Ridge blanket (ye, Virginia; there are still colorways I haven’t yet acquired….)

To the left Socrates sock yarn (the tan stuff): 400 yards of alpaca-bamboo blendy- goodness. All the rest is Jil Eaton’s MinnowMerino (oh yum yum yum!!!)

Prevous 2 pics – Saturday’s haul.  Below are today’s gains..

Another Kureyon AND a Kureyon sock weight – I could NOT resist!

The Purple is Dream in Color Smooshy sock in “Visual purple”  (a squee deserving 30% off)  and 2 skeins of Comfort which is supposed to be an amigurumi monkey from Creepy Cute Crochet.

Technically the Soxx Appeal and the Comfort yarns above are not my stash, but the Force of Nature’s stash, but that would be splitting hairs I think.  And just to mix things up, I got a pattern too.

Since into each life, some acrylic must fall – I went to another store and got these to make my darlin’ friend Niki a quick hat for her 60th birthday tomorrow. Cat hair included for no extra charge.

The reason for all this yarn pr0n? 1) I had some $, 2)Yarn Expressions was having the sale and 3) no one is getting me prezzies for me birthday so I gotta do it meself and 4 to infinity) I’m glad to be alive.

Happy Birthday to me! On Sunday I’ll be fortyone-derful!


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  1. Mmmmm…yarn-y enhancements! I just enjoy gazing upon them.

    Wha? You mean you have already knit 803 baby blankets?

    Of course her yarn does not count towards your stash total.

    Hope the hat for the 60th birthday friend is going well!

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