Weekend wrap-up

I’m hoping to post more frequently by posting shorter…..  Brevity is supposed to be the soul of wit so here goes:

  • The whole family ate a 4 course meal at the Melting Pot Friday night.  Kids had much fun, the food was excellent, but it put a serious and unplanned crimp in our finances; not a good time of year for that!
  • Massive food shopping onslaught to restock the bare cupboards.  You know things is bare when yer eating the canned pickled beets you bought by mistake several years ago. STill, this situation allowed us to defrost the chest freezer and the fridge freezer and forced me to be much more creative in trying to prepare balanced meals for the fam.  Madrassian lentils and tinned peaches anyone?
  • We have a mouse in the pantry.  So far, only Studmuffin has seen it and he wants to do away with it, but I think it may become an unintended pet since the Duke of Curl was absolutely HORRIFIED that we would even think of trying to trap &/or kill it.  Stay tuned….
  • The power steering pump seems to be going bad in the Van of Reknown, so now it kinda sounds like the monorail at Walt Disney World only louder. This’ll have to wait fer a bit (see “Melting Pot” above)- fortunately it can, but we may have to wear earplugs while driving it.
  • My mother told me she’s not gonna get me a present for my birthday.  I told her she’s off the hook; after all she’s been giving me presents longer than anybody, including the gift of my life.  I really do feel this way, but I admit to having mixed emotions too.  I love getting birthday presents; I think birthdays are important and I’ve never gotten presents for my birthday on any kind of regular basis from Studmuffin and children ( it might average out to maybe 1 present every 5 years or so).  Studmuffin doesn’t enjoy receiving gifts himself and so really doesn’t get the whole gift thing in a very basic way. In other years I’ve bought my own presents, but I don’t wanna this year for some reason ( perhaps the Melting Pot budget pothole?).  I have a couple of very close friends who remember my birthday (and I of course remember theirs – I *love* giving gifts).  I can’t say that I’m hurting or anything…there’s just maybe a bit of angsty regret around the edges.
  • My most excellent LYS is having its big holiday sale and I went and got beautiful things on Saturday AND stayed within my budget. Yay! Once I find the camera, I may take some pictures….
  • I’ve mislaid the mitten I’ve completed for my mother-in-law.  I must find this TODAY. She’s off to Austria SOON.
  • The printer is still not working, and last night we discovered that my ‘puter doesn’t even have a dedicated printer port on the back of the CPU, so I cannot just plug it in to my computer. Grrrr.
  • I’ve not gotten the Christmas music out yet.  I must be depressed or something.
  • My house smells like Chez Catpee, because….
  • My elderly cat, the Amazing Bluto, is dying.  He’s not eaten much of anything since Friday, he’s not getting outside in time to relieve himself so he’s been doing it all over the house (usually when I’m out), and the other cat is following suit.  Bluto’s been with us so loong he has several nicknames and he answers to all of them:  Blue-dee-doo, Blutofsky, Boo-ba-licious, Boobles, The Frumious Boo and Boobie.  He’s obviously near the end, and yet he’s still clawing his way up to sleep on our bed (since he can no longer jump) and purring away.  Of this I’m glad – he’s not in any pain and he’s had a wonderful life with us but it’s still a sad time.

How’s that for brief?  Perhaps photos tomorrow……..And I love reading yer comments!


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