New yarns/project, procrastination and technology follies

Yesterday, I went on a yarn acquiring expedition to the fabulous Yarn Expressions to get yarn for yet another baby blanket.  I’m using the free pattern for the Moderne Baby blanket from the first Mason-Dixon Knitting book.

I’d seen a really beautiful color combination in a finished blanket on Ravelry that was inspiring me

(if yer on Ravelry, see it here).  I first went online to see if I could find some yarn on sale, machine washable, soy or bamboo blend in the yummy colors.  After some searching, I found a yarn that my LYS doesn’t carry that I’ve not used before  that fulfilled most of those req’s and I ordered it.

Next I went to the LYS to get  something even closer to the blanket of my inspiration, and I found everything I needed in the SALE bins, which is lovely.  I didn’t wanna spend hugely on these – I *am* tryna save money to go to India after all, but didn’t wanna settle for kinda ok stuff from the stash.  I do have enough Cascade 220 to make both, but that yarn isn’t machine washable, and there is no way I’m giving new moms gifts that can’t go in the washer! Here’s the yarn:

Mostly wool/acrylic blends – the colors are not exactly the same as what I was looking for, but nevertheless this will make a snazzy blanket!  I’ll post a pic of the other yarn for blanket #2 when they arrive.  I’ve still not quite finished the other 2 cabled baby blankets but hope to do it on the upcoming trip and will share photos then.  My fingers are just ITCHING to cast on this blanket…and I just cannot yet.


I’ve also finished blocking the Tapestry Cowl and to tighten it up just a little I threw it in the dryer for about 12 minutes when it was still just the teeniest bit damp, which worked PERFECTLY and didn’t felt it at all.  A couple of final pix:

I am pleased that the pattern shows as well as it does.  I guess I don’t hate doubleknitting as much as I though; I’m already eyeing a simply lovely scarf pattern that is also doubleknitted.  Yup, I’m crazy…..


I’ve procrastinated sending off packages to various friends and family SO long, it’s nearly a crime.  I will be taking several things when we take off to West Virginia for a Thanksgiving vacation….  I’ve managed to mess up quite a few things in life by procrastinating and I’m heartily sick of myself for this ongoing habit.  I’m also heartily sick of forgetting important stuff that I need to do, which isn’t procrastinating in its purest form, but the end result is the same frustration. ::::::::sigh::::::::::::


In the tech follies department, about 3 weeks ago, the Duke of Curl left his nearly brand new cell phone in a pair of pants that got washed……I’ve let it dry out since then completely unmolested and this morning, I took out the battery and SIM card, cleaned the contacts and the thing is now charging (a very good sign).  The SIM card is now in my old phone. Cross yer fingers and hopefully once it’s fully charged,  it’ll still work.


Last weekend Studmuffin was “fixing” the old computer (which admittedly had come down with a few viruses and needs some work) and deleted a BUNCH of stuff….so now the network printer doesn’t work and I can no longer upload pictures to the web easily.  Hmpf.  A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!


I’ve found the old digital camera and am now charging the batteries for it.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to use it again and get away from the cell phone pix from the last few weeks.  They aren’t too bad, but I find it hard to tell if’n they’re gonna be blurry or not until I’ve emailed them to Photobucket…and emailing MBs does cost $.  I hope to get all the bugs worked out before we leave for the Thanksgiving break.


The Force of Nature also went to Yarn Expressions with me and the delightful Val showed her how to crochet.  I have made several attempts to teach her myself, but she doesn’t wanna listen to me very much, and so right this minute, she’s working on a little practice piece.  It’s this book that’s really inspired her to learn:

She wants to make the monkey in the upper left hand corner.

We’re gonna go see “New Moon” on Monday afternoon.  We hope to avoid the fangirls mostly. Can hardly wait!  Am also hoping to see “Precious” with friends on Saturday morning. Yay for movies!