NaKniSweMo Post #3

The sleeves are done!  Sleeves are done!  Sleeves are done!!  Gotta do a happy dance:

dancing stick figure

Doing both sleeves at the same time is *fiddly* – yes, I know a VERY technical term that is – but I love the fact that I didn’t have to keep notes to make an identical sleeve that now must be knit; it is already done.  I think this is they way to knit sleeves FOREVER and always, Amen.

Here they are – the color’s pretty accurate too.

I’m happy with corrected cuff pattern, and I like how the “dots” break up all that stockinette.  This is the unblocked version; I will block them today.  I’ll block all the components before the final seaming together, then steam block the finished cardigan.

I have now cast on for the back and am several rows into the pattern – enough so I can see the motifs and keep my place on the chart fairly easily.

Can you tell I’m happy to get the sleeves done?



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