NaKniSweMo Post #2

After knitting nearly 2/3 of the  sleeve I cast on, I made several realizations:

  • I had read the chart wrong so the cuff, although pretty, was not correct.  I decided to push on – I could always do the second cuff the same way and call it a “design feature”.
  • The sleeve on the larger (#9US) was gonna be ENORMOUS.  I decided to push on anyway – the fit will be ” extra – generous”; only if I run out of yarn would I re-knit it.
  • My LYS had size 7US Addi Lace needles in stock ( they do not usually stock them) that would greatly facilitate the knitting of this cardigan, thereby avoiding 1) waiting for the needles to arrive & 2) paying shipping costs.

I decided to FROG the sleeve and start over.  I knew I had to do it; this would fix the cuff problem and would make everything easier.  The Addi Lace needles have nice POINTY tips that would make the twisted stitches much easier for me to do, and the size7US would make the cardigan bigger but not enormous as the 9’s were threatening to do ……still it was depressing and I lost my knitting mojo for a couple of days.

HOWEVER, with the Addi Lace needles in hand, I cast on for BOTH sleeves (a la Magic Loop) and am now merrily chugging along.  I’d meant to knit both of the sleeves at the same time from the very beginning – though flat &  not in the round as true Magic Loopers would do; I guess I forgot all about that in the frenzy of casting on the first time.

I’d figured that I needed to do 50 rows a day to get this thing done – that was BEFORE frogging and I realize that I counted the sleeves separately, so now I don’t really know how many I need to do each day……but if I get 50 rows done a day, that’ll be just great.  The hands are pleasantly sore at the moment, and tho’ I might not have this sucker done by Dec. 1, it won’t be too far off of that date.

I should have some pictures by next time.  Keep yer fingers crossed!


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  1. Sometimes those little setbacks are for the best, eh? Sounds like you will get the better result from the rip and re-do. Feel free to remind me of this the next time I feel too upset about this part of the knitting process.

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