NaKniSweMo Post #1

The "victim"


( I wrote most of this last week… there have been problems, frogging, re-casting on and progress; hopefully another NaKniSweMo post to follow soon!)

Learn all about NaKniSweMo

Basically, you knit a 50,000 stitch sweater in the month of November.  I decided to do it this year because:

  • I need goals/deadlines to accomplish things
  • I’ve never made a sweater for myself
  • I’ve never made a cardigan
  • I’ve only done a tiny bit of Austrian Twisted Stitch before
  • yarn is from NH; so am I

I’ve had this yarn marinating in the stash for at least 2 years.  In a couple of other stashed wool yarns, I’ve noticed moth damage lately, so it’s definitely time.  I’ve been looking for the right pattern for this yarn for a long time, then I ran across a gorgeous pattern by Candace Eisner Strick (who is a genius & a favorite knit designer of mine).  It tuens out, she wrote this pattern FOR this yarn. SQUEE!

Because of the moth damage, winding the 9 hanks into yarn cakes took darn near  forever.  I will say this yarn spit-splices beautifully and that has mitigated the moth damage.

I knit the swatch on the suggested needles and came really close to gauge but didn’t like the fabric.

swatch on US6 needle


  • adding 1 extra garter stitch to “valleys” plus I need it bigger, more wearing ease
  • instead of stockinette only past the cuffs on the sleeves, decided to do a subtle seed stitch – every 6 rows every 5 stitches a purl make it more interesting.  I saw it on another sweater someplace on Ravelry

So far I’m really liking the fabric I’m making on the bigger needles and it’s not so hard on the hands to stitch.  The yarn is such a lovely color – the pictures I’ve given you so far are just not right!  The yarn does have cashmere in it but so far I really cannot feel it – I’m hoping it softens up a lot during blocking.  Lots of  vegetative matter/little burr bits in the yarn;  I’m deciding to treat them as a sign of the sheep from whence the yarn came and the artesans who spun it and so on.

Wish me well!


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