Introducing: Domo-kun!

Warning:  silliness to follow

For a number of years, I have been enamored of the mascot of Japan’s main tv network.  His name is …..



He’s been making inroads into the hearts and minds of North Americans lately; last year Target made him a centerpiece of their Halloween campaign, so you may have seen him around.  A number of years ago, I got Studmuffin a Domo t-shirt; it was harder to explain back then who Domo-kun is.  Wonder where that tshirt is?

You might imagine with a name like “Mr. Thank you”  (that’s my translation of his name), he’s got a lot to do:


Like terrorizing the countryside….or


…taking a dance class from over-caffeinated flowers…..or


…reveling in a field of pumpkins.

Even with his busy schedule, he’s made time for a visit to Chez Oney!


Turns out, he’s into yarn…..


He’s gonna help me show the stuff I got when visiting Louisville, KY 2 weekends ago.


Let’s see what’s in here…..


OH BOY!  ATARI!  (that means “Victory”  in Japanese)


Oh this is nice stuff: 80% superwash wool/10% nylon/10% CASHMERE fingering weight? Domo approves!


He says, “It’s so pretty and soft…”


It looks good enough to eat, doesn’t it?  Well DON’T.  Much better for knitting with.


Domo-kun recognizing excellent yarn when he sees it….I think he wants it for his own. No Domo!  I *know* it’s Japanese yarn, but you’ll just have to get yer own.  Sorry…

Wait….WHAT”S THIS???????


A new creature?


Domo-kun says, “Ummmm….I gotta go.”


This is our new cat, Kali.  She’s named after the Hindi goddess of destruction and rebirth.  And no, I did not name her. :o)

Anyway, she spent most of her first month with us under one of the kid’s beds.  She’s come to be much more out with us in the last couple of weeks as she is still pretty timid around the dogs.  If she can’t get out, she likes to pee on my laundry, and for a while there, she was using “The Individual Formerly known as Homeschool Kid’s”  open dresser drawer as a litter box. Hopefully, we’ll get all these issues worked out and soon….

She’s rather sweet and her fur is very soft.  I hope to get a picture of Kali and Bluto together so you can get an idea of what a BIG cat he is….still King of the Pets here at Chez Oney.  Kali did not want her picture taken…


“Do I *have* to?  Well, perhaps with a suitable inducement, I might permit a couple…”


“Ah yes,,,,PET me!”

I wish I could’ve gotten a better picture of her eyes; they are very pretty and golden.  Unfortunately, my digital camera met with a catastrophic accident this week, so I’ve just got the cell phone pix.

The kids were hoping that a younger cat would be interested in playing.  Kali is about 3 years old, but she’s not interested in playing at all.  Now if there’s a SPIDER coming across the floor – she’s FIERCE, but she will NOT play otherwise.  She adores being petted, and especially likes smooshing her paws on my squishy bits but doesn’t sink her claws into me.  One intersting thing: Kali is the ONLY cat I’ve ever known that did NOT like canned cat food.  Canned tuna?  Oh yes.  Fancy Feast?  No way.

Natasha woke up limping pretty heavily this morning – I’ve no idea what’s wrong with her;  can dogs sleep on something “wrong”  like humans do?


  1. I wish my cats would chase spiders! Those nasty furry ones come in with the wood for the woodstove, and they could care less. I go into fits but they just yawn and roll over. (Sigh.) Lovely yarn acquisitions!

  2. hahaha….i don’t check blogs too often…but i’m glad i decided to read your’s today. I personally thought all the pictures of Domo-kun were fantastic and incredible entertaining.

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