A mid-week video

OK, ok so it’s kind of lazy to just post videos instead of writing….well, at least I think so.  However, I think the video below applies to what’s happening with me right now.

I’ve been kinda consumed with fear about this new band venture I’m involved in.  Yep, I’m playing keys for an R&B/funk band.  We had our first rehearsal on Sunday night and they are good, and I am NOT.  So I’m practicing and practicing and trying not to panic.

See, this may seem strange to many, but I know that this fear is a good thing and it’s a big reason why I decided to do this.  Since my brain went wonky four years ago, even the way I learn music is different than before…and it’s much harder.  I really enjoy playing piano/keyboards but I m not very good at it, and I know I don’t practice nearly enough to reach competency.  And of course I’ve got every excuse as to why I can’t/won’t/shouldn’t/don’t feel like practicing at any given moment.  So I really needed an opportunity just like this, where other people are depending on my skill and God provided it for me.

Don’t get me wrong, the possibility of failing at this big time & in public is VERY real and at the moment, it seems just about certain! But this is why it’s so good for me because there’s also the chance that I will rise to the occasion, and this is a very different kind of gig for me:  I’m NOT in charge, I’m not singing any leads, I’m not running the rehearsals or doing booking, and not only am I the newest member of the band (some of these folks have known each other for many years), but I’ve got the fattest(not phattest. oh no….), geekiest look happening, I’m the lone white person AND I’m the weakest musician.  How’s that as a recipe for success?  I’m way out of my comfort zone…and that’s GOOD.

So here’s a motivational little clip for ya.  Wish me luck y’all and I’ll let you know when our next gig is.


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