Knitting is happening……

….and this week is fall break from school…so I may have some time to write!

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Today I got a used book in the mail:

Kaffe Fassett’s Glorious Knitting (from 1985, not the 1999 one).  Everything is SO gorgeous!  His stuff is always an inspiration to me. This book was very inexpensive…which leads me to believe the seller did not know what they had!  I’m not complaining……


Just DELICIOUS!!!!  Most of these pictures are not from the book – I ganked them from a bunch of web sources, and they were knitted by regular, normal people.  This gives me MUCH hope!

And I got the remaining yarn that I need to start this:

The Austrian Stitch Cardigan


With this yarn:


I can’t start on it until I get a few more things done, but I WILL be making this this winter for me.  The yarn has marinated in the stash LONG enough!  I also think this will be a fun knit and I will get a lot of wear out of a cardigan like this which is VERY important to me.

Works in Progress (stuff I’m currently knitting):

1. Baby Blanket for Anne & Dennis’s baby girl

Yarn: Miss Babs in Aubergine

2. Norwegian Slippers for the Force of Nature, myself and for No. 1 Son

Yarns:  various  feltable 100% wools  YOU SHOULD MAKE YERSELF SOME OF THESE! Easy & fun!

3. Toe Up Socks for Homeschool Kid. Simple mistake rib pattern

Yarn : Happy Choices

4. Adamas Shawl for Dilsey

Yarn:  Malabrigo Sock in Rayon Vert  This stuff is HEAVEN to knit!  I’ma HAVE TO make a sweater out of this stuff someday.

5. Babette Blanket fer Mum

Yarn:  various machine washable worsted acrylics in shades of yellow, gold, brown and various accent colors.

I may cast on a hat or scarf or two this week as quick gift for friends I’m going to see this weekend.


He’s not homeschooled anymore!  As of August 10th, he started regular high school so he needs a name change. For the blog.   Time for a contest!

Please submit prospective names in the comments – the name I choose for him will win a $14 gift card to Starbucks. If you live someplace without Starbucks, I’ll contact you directly and we’ll work it out.  Please feel free to spread the news about this little contest far and wide; Contest ends on October 31st, 2009 at midnight Alabama time, and the winner will be announced when I get around to it (probably during the following week).  My choice will be completely arbitrary and humor is encouraged.  :o)

A few things to know:

  • he’s a boy
  • he’s 14 years old
  • he’s got a fabulous sense of humor – very funny
  • he adores video & computer games
  • he’s a bit dorky (like his parents) and wears glasses
  • he’s not good at sports, but great at dancing
  • he’s a little shy
  • names of the other family members in the blog are:  Studmuffin (husband), No. 1 son (oldest boy), The Force of Nature (youngest child and daughter)
  • He’s on the chubby side, 6 ft tall and growing
  • he has a big head of curly hair  (not only is his hair big, so is his head.  It’s REALLY big)

Have at it, y’all!

I do have a mirror blog on LiveJournal, so please realize you might not see all the comments/entries.  If the winning name is submitted more than once, whomever submitted it first will win, though I might be nice and send the other submitter something too – I haven’t decided.  You can submit more than one name, and you can show yer support for names that others submit.  No profanity please!



  1. Giant Gamer



    Hugo Lightfoot

    Massive Vidster

    Hilarious Hulk

    Goony Gamer

    Dancing Dino

    StaceyKnitsIt on Ravelry

  2. Gamer Kid, Game Masta, Mr. Tall, Baby Big Boy, Baby Bigs, Mr. Grumbles
    Grumpalumpagus….Okay the last two are random things I call my boy. but they have really grown on me.

    Good luck Heather

  3. lol, such a cute idea. well, seeing he is branching out intot he “real world” has a good personality, and is going to be experiencing some new things… i think “outward bound” would be wuite appropriate!

  4. Yeah I have a few comments for you:
    1.Why do you write about your private life on the internet? I certainly hate the fact that other people have access to your thoughts and comments on my doings, let alone the actions of my siblings. Do you know how much damage your spouting off to everybody has done to me? You convinced my girlfriend’s family I was a drug addict and my own grandma that I was a womanizing vagrant! If you want to be that person in real life, fine, but why put it out there for everybody to see?
    Privacy please!
    2.How about you clean the disgusting mess in your own home before you escape to this fantasy land of digital friends? This whole blog thing is just an escape, I know that and you know that. I don’t think that there is a problem with your blogging, content aside, my point is that just like drugs and alcohol became my escape from reality your computer activities are your escape. And if there is anything that I have learned since leaving home is that the small pleasure of being away for a while is totally not worth the consequences of letting your responsibilities go. Priorities please!
    3.My brother is going to start high school, thats a big jump for anybody, not to mention somebody coming from the totally insulated homeschool experience he’s had. If this blog ever comes out, how will he react to being called, for instance, Dancingboy? He hates dancing! How well do really know him or care about his feelings, or for that matter, any of your children?
    Respect please!
    4.A $14 Starbucks coupon? You are more willing to give money to a complete stranger than to your own son. I went days without food when I left home and you still convinced Dad to cut off the small token of support that he offered me. I shouldn’t be surprised that you are completely uninterested in giving me any type of support in his efforts to get back into school, consider you could give a damn whether I eat or have a place to live. What type of mother are you? Do you really think I could ever do this alone? Do you honestly think that the whole tough love thing is working? What do you want from me? To what lengths will you have to go until you get your revenge?
    Compassion please!

    To be completely honest, this contest isn’t all that bad. Is it degrading and possibly harmful? Yes. But on the other hand, its not all that serious and knowing you I could see why you would think that this type of behavior is all fun and games, most nicknames are funny and harmless. But what I’m saying is I would rather have you put the same effort into our relationship that you put into writing all this “big snack” on the internet and I think “mystery” and “pete” would appreciate that too. It hurts that you think enough of people you don’t even know that you would rather write this stupid blog than fix the problems in your own family. You and I know exactly what type of effort that would take and that you are certainly capable of doing it. My big question is, when are you going to stop resisting growing up and realize that you are married and you have kids and YOU have to be a mother?

    Mom, I would sacrifice anything in the world for things to be right between us. For me to have a mother who didn’t make me feel unwanted and useless. So that instead of feeling hatred and disgust towards you I might feel love and happiness. But I’ve come to realize that things will never change between us until you let it. Until you grow up and mature from that 19 year old girl that got married before she was ready into a woman who is finally content with the life that she has made for herself, these will just sound like the same old anger inspired accusations that has allowed you to ignore all my previous efforts to get through to you. But once you realize that my opinions and pain aren’t just some teenage rebellion, you can always call me.

    The worst thing about hating you is still loving you, I just wish I could tell you.

  5. That is going to be a beautiful cardigan. I can almost see you wearing it already. I hope you get to it soon.

    I have no ideas for the nickname contest.

  6. worldly one (possibly with O in front)
    boy on the loose
    electronic boy
    eclectic boy

    i call mine my favorite boy but you appear to have more than one…
    amiaknitteryet on ravelry

  7. I just read No 1 Son’s comment. Ouch. Sad.

    I recently read The Princess Diaries and when you mentioned that your eldest is “No 1 Son”, the first thing that sprang to mind was “Noodle Son” – they liked “No 1 Noodle Son” takeout in the books. And your younger son has curly hair.

    Another idea that popped into my head comes from the computer gaming side – “Sharpshooter”, that is if he likes first person shooter type games. If he prefers fantasty type role playing games, he might like “Sword-slinger”. Either type of gamer would probably enjoy being tagged “Cyberson”.

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