Just a phase I’m going through…

My parents used to say this ALL the time about us kids…did yours?  I try not to say it about my kids (at least within their hearing) because it always made me feel somewhat belittled, even though I know that was not my parents’ intention when they would say it about me or my brothers.

I notice that I go through project phases in my knitting. A couple of years ago, it was hats; I think I made 36 or so hats from September to March.  Most were from quite different from each other and used different patterns – I’m not overfond of making the same thing again and again, which is why I don’t think I could craft for profit in a happy way.  I was obsessed with hats…..

Then came mittens and not just ordinary mittens – OH no!  Really gorgeous stranded knitting Latvian kind of things.  I didn’t make quite so many of those – maybe 7 or 8 pairs – mainly because I got into creating my own designs.  What fun!  And I was obsessed – eating, sleeping, dreaming about mittens for months.

I made a small foray into shawls but it wasn’t exactly obsessive like the other 2 phases.

Now it’s blankets and afghans; I’m crazy about them.  I think about them all the time…..

There’s gonna be a Lizard Ridge Blanket happening and a Babette Blanket fer Mum, probably another one for me as well as finishing the Kilim Throw I started a while back.  Oh yes and all the baby blankets I’ve been making.

I like this phase; I hope it lasts til I finish all these blankets.  I hope the next phase I go through has something to do with sewing myself some clothes……..


Ravelry pattern links:

Lizard Ridge


Kilim Throw

Cabled Baby blankets

my projects Ravelry links:


Kilim Throw

Baby blanket 1

Baby blanket 2

Baby blanket 3

Practice blanket



  1. It is interesting how feelings about that phrase can change throughout life. I’m sure I felt diminished by it as a young person. As an adult, I like it. I like to remind myself that the kids might just be trying out something, and it may not necessarily be part of the the rest of their lives. That is a comfort. If I apply it to myself, I find taking chances more appealing, and enjoying the phases while they last.

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