Yarn crimes!!

The (by far) most popular segment here at knitting and whingeing is back….with a vengeance!

Before the horror begins, let me say that Target has learned something from their horrible blunder with last fall’s yarn crimes. I was at a coffeeshop on Monday and I saw a lovely short cardigan on another customer.  Its construction/stitch pattern was a little unusual and I told the young lady how pretty it was, and I asked her if she made it.  She said no – she got it at Target.  I’m actually thinking of buying one so I can copy it in my own size. Sorry I don’t have a picture…. Kudos to Target!

Now, on with the show!

This actually appeared in a magazine I usually respect.  If it has any worth at all (other than laffs), I guess it would be that 1) somebody got paid to make this, write the pattern, photograph it, and so on and 2)  I now know that I can design stuff for this magazine because if this made it in…well, well, well!  I can make crap like this too!


Who in the hell would 1) take the time to make this?  Or 2) actually put it on their head to wear?

The other thing I wanted to share with you is that there is someone else (well there’s probably others but this is the one I’ve found)  who puts yarn crimes on her blog.  She’s MUCH better at this than I am though there are a few overlaps you’ll notice.

WARNING! (this is the aformentioned ‘vengeance’ part)  DO NOT DRINK ANYTHING WHEN YOU CLICK ON THIS LINK! Unless you dig snorting coffee thru yer nose…

Oh and it’s been a very long time since I gave you this link to “Stitchy McYarnpants” – the catalog of older bad knitting.

You might wanna take some Excedrin and/or put on some shades before you peruse that site….