Classic Elite Yarns, one of my favorite yarn & pattern companies, has put a ton of their out of print patterns up for sale via download on Patternfish! YAY! YAY!YAY!

If you like ganseys, cables, colorwork, you REALLY owe it to yerself to check them out.  Plus they (Classic Elite Yarns) *just* published Jared Flood’s book (it is SO fabulous – I saw it today at Yarn Expressions) and they get much kudos fer that too. Dammit, can the man make anything that doesn’t turn out absolutely amazing?  Us mere mortals (OK maybe just this one) tremble with awe and a wee bit ‘o envy…..

Finding these patterns available almost makes up for the fact I nearly broke my nose (in a very stupid way) today. Picture the scene:  I am at the dining table/homeschool table, busily cutting apart Russian flash cards, as the Force of Nature is whining away about her handwriting assignment.  I drop one of the flash cards on the floor; I lean over to get it…

I lean a bit too far and in slow-motion ……:::imagine long door creaking sound here::::   or better yet-play this:

long fall

-I tip over and bonk  the bridge of my nose on the edge of the seat of the other ‘puter chair (and fall on top of dog, Natasha).  Much blood ensued.  I did hear a “crunch” and thought the honker was broken for a minute…but it was just cartilage noise at the time of impact.   I’m glad it isn’t broken;  my schnoz already makes enough of a statement without the help of new ridges, flatspots or deviations.

Friends and neighbors, always remember and never forget to keep a bags of frozen peas in the freezer.  I’ma take a coupla Tylenol, then I’m off to bed.

Oh yeah – I need to post a silly picture:


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