My ‘puter is still alive….

…but barely.  It got attacked by a MIGHTY virus which nearly did it in and McAffee let the daggone thing thru without a peep.  Wouldn’t you know it would happen just as I was backing the darn thing up too? Things are kinda fixed for the moment but I’ve lost all email I received from August 2007 through last Wednesday…… A lesson in letting stuff go, I guess.

There’s much to blog about:

  • can you say “crowbar”?
  • can you say “new kitty”?
  • new babies in da extended family

I’ve been knitting like a fiend and I even took pictures and stuff.  But it’ll all have to wait.  Studmuffin will be out of town this week, so prospects for a real fine blog post are looking pretty good.

Just wanted to check in with you-how is everybody?  And I don’t suppose I’ve ever mentioned this because I didn’t want to seem extra-needy and begging for them but when you write comments, I am SO HAPPY!

See ya later.  :o)


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  1. Well, if a comment can give you some happy, I am pleased to be of service. I hope things improve for you. You going knitting tonight? I think it might be time to decide. I know I am knitting tonight, but I just do not know if it will be a stay-at-home or B&N adventure.

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