Back from the travels………

Hey y’all-got back LATE last night from those “West Virginia hills….how majestic and how grand”.  We’re tired but safe and my oh my – so many things to write about:

  • Homeschool Kid receives an eye injury
  • “vacationing” with the in-laws sans Studmuffin
  • the Augusta Festival and my resulting depressive tendencies
  • A blog name change for the Homeschool Kid
  • the Force of Nature goes fishing
  • shawl frogging adventures

…to name just a few.  PLUS there’s YARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yep, I got to visit a couple of yarn stores and bring some of their yummy yarn back home to stay with me.  There WILL be photos because amazingly enough, we arrived home with both the camera AND the charger – AND I know where BOTH of them ARE.  I gotta celebrate the victories, y’all.

For now though, I think I’m going back to bed, so I’ll leave you with this:



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