Hey y’all-

I’ve been thinking LOADS about posting….but I haven’t had much that was POSITIVE to say.  I guess it might be better for me to say that there really have been many positive things going on, but there’s been some serious negativity goin’ on as well, and I’ve let it dominate my thinking.  Truly, I’m am working HARD on focusing on the positive stuff but I’m still not very good at it.

So the biggest burr under my saddle is Number One Son.  He asked to come and stay with us for the last week before he moves to “Wild Wonderful West Virginia” and I agreed after he swore UP & DOWN that he would obey my rules.  Studmuffin was in Cali on business and I was feeling under the weather (which has been glorious! the weather I mean…), but there have been a fairly LARGE number of thefts from his apartment and I took pity on him.

WHAT WAS I THINKING?????!!!!!!???

Almost immediately after he arrived, he was disobedient to the house rules and rude to me to boot.  Then after he’d been here for a few days – casting his thick miasma of negativity & disobedience all around Chez Oney – Ian and I had a stupid argument, which left Ian very angry….so he decided to vandalize several things of mine after I left the house, including my iPod.  This is VERY distressing behavior for him to exhibit; there had been another incident years ago but not nearly as focused or extensive.  Truly a massive overreaction and thus he has earned himself several sessions with the family therapist.

Please pray for us.  I’ve had several artistic disappointments as well  all clustered together along with this and the heart thing….it’s really bringing me down – making me wonder if I’m the big problem here.  Thanks.

On a positive note – the camera charger has been located!  It was in my van attached to the voltage inverter and wedged under a seat I think.  Studmuffin found it and I immediately charged it up and took some pictures outside .  I was hoping to get some of the kids before Number One left but today he had me so rattled…oh well perhaps when we go pick up the Force of Nature in WV in a few weeks.

So here they are:

Squash plant 1

This is the best looking bit of the garden. Front and center is a summer squash plant that *really* didn’t look like it was gonna make it there for a while;  it’s rather better now. On the right is parsley and a *volunteer* cypress vine.  To the left is a cucmber plant that I hope will start being productive VERY soon, and the lush backdrop to all this are the Kentucky Wonder beans….which have yet to flower (grrrr) so no beans so far.


All that ferny foliage is the cypress vine.  Then there’s the petunias and I’m sorry but you can barely see the pepper plants on the right.

Copy of DSCN1585_479

Here’s a few of the ‘maters.  These are all about the size of ping pong balls.  As soon as they get a little bigger and start ripening for real, this is what happens:

pecked tomatoes

The birds start pecking them.  I think it’s because it had been so dry.  I’ve never had this trouble before; so far I composted more tomatoes that had been pecked than I’ve harvested.  I though a birdbath might help, so I set one up:

cracker birdbath

How’s that for a Cracker birdbath?  I certainly was NOT gonna spend any $ on the flying pests…..  It’s hard to tell if it has had any effect as we’ve had more rain lately.

watermelon overview

Most of what you see here is watermelon vines. The white things are (mostly) the boundaries of the 4’x4′ little garden bed that I’ve tried to grow watermelons in for 3 years.  Now it’s really working!


You can see the next-to-biggest one here…along with the pecan sapling in the right foreground (grrr….).watermelon4

This one is growing upright because I put a couple empty tomato cages near the plants for the vines to ramble over.  I’ll be interested to see whether or not this one makes it to full size.


This is the smallest one and that’s my foot for comparison (I *do* have big feet).  I took this picture a couple of days ago, and this thing has almost doubled in size.


The midsize model….


These are the 2 largest.  I can hardle WAIT until they are ripe!  I adore watermelon. And there are more ityy bitty ones on the way…..

Now for more pics:


Her name is Gucci and she is the very friendly pit bull next door.  We reach over the fence to pet her – she is VERY big but lovable.  I think she lives to hear our garden gate latch lift. And to bark at the cat.  Speaking of which….

Bluto 1Bluto 2

Bluto the Fabulous is STILL with us.  These pictures make him look really good; in person he looks like he has mange.

Sunflower petunia

I planted some sunflowers to keep the sun off the cucumbers.  Not too many sunflowers actually came up, which may be a good thing because the cucumbers seem to adore the sun….

other squash plant

The other squash plant – this thing is huge! So far no squash vine borers have found this. YAY!

Lest you think everything looks great:

garden bed 2

This is bed #2  in a sad state of neglect…which will get worse before it gets better.  I have great intyentions for this bed – really I do.

Boris and the daisies

Boris is so pretty….here “smelling” the daisies.  He’s not reallly enjoying their scent – he’s deciding whether or not to eat them.  If they were zinnias, they’d be goners.

eyes shut Boris

I’ve taken lots of pictures of the dogs…hundreds probably, but never have I gotten one with their eyes shut – til now.  I think it’s kinda cute.  The Force of Nature is kinda cute too:

the force of nature silly

I hope to post more tomorrow.  G’night.



  1. Oh now WHY don’t people behave like plants, or dogs?
    Especially family members.

    I’m so there.
    Plants and dogs can be so lovely.
    The family, not so much.

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