Sometimes I’m Up…and sometimes I’m just OK

  • harvested first yellow squash from the garden today:  UP
  • looks like we really and truly will have watermelons from our own garden soon – BIG ones! : UP
  • not many tomatoes at the moment – the birds are still pecking a lot : DOWN
  • didn’t get to go to North Carolina last weekend even though I’ve been looking forward to it for MONTHS. : DOWN
  • Because I didn’t go, at least 2 other people didn’t go:  DOWN
  • Studmuffin will get a $ bonus from his work soon:  UP
  • Studmuffin has work : UP
  • the awful tangle in my own personal finances after the PayPal hacking is resolved in my favor by the bank : UP
  • they learned EIGHT new songs in NC last weekend : DOWN
  • I signed up for the “50 Songs in 90 Days” :UP
  • I haven’t written a thing : DOWN
  • Studmuffin is in California ’til Friday : DOWN
  • Studmuffin is in California ’til Friday : UP
  • I’m going to Michigan soon with Tangela for almost a week : UP
  • Adrienne cannot go : DOWN
  • WAY behind on swaps still : DOWN
  • Got 2 done last week tho’ : up
  • Found out that the amazing singer at MJ’s funeral is named Judith Hill : UP
  • Been working out every day : UP
  • zero (net)weight loss in 3 months : down
  • I can knit : UP
  • I have lots of yarn and know how to get more : UP
  • I have amazingly wonderful terrific friends who love me : UP UP UP
  • my heart is beating and I am healed: UP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP

Life is good.  : o)