Not sleeping well and still blue….

Yep. I’ve been up til about 3 or 4 am most every night for a week not sleeping.  I mean I’m tired but not sleepy – very frustrating. Hopefully tonight will be different.  :o)

And I’m feeling very blue still about Michael Jackson’s death.  I tried to explain it to my mother on the phone yesterday – she is sickened by the sort of media vultures picking over his bones, and I agree quite a bit: a lot of the coverage is tasteless and there is too much of it…now I’m adding to it.   :::sigh:::: I haven’t watched much of the TV coverage; mostly I’m trolling around YouTube watching performances and interviews and reading old articles.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Studmuffin has zero sympathy for me – he was never a fan and feels pretty strongly that the allegations of impropriety with children were true, so that makes him almost incapable of seeing anything positive about MJ’s contributions artistically. I have my own opinions about the allegations; I encourage people who are interested to read the court transcripts for themselves.

For me, MJ has been SO much a part of my musical landscape and inspiration for my whole life, and as I’m listening to his music again while grieving for him, I’m struck anew at his phenomenal abilities.  It isn’t because he represents the loss of my youth or anything – I just adored his music.  I never got to see him in person and now I never will. And he could really really move….


I meant to go to Knit Night tonight, but I’d probably have such a good time that it would keep me up tonight again so I’ve stayed home.  I think I’ll go knit something.

Life is good and all; I’m just a bit down. I hope to be a little more cheerful by Wednesday.



  1. You know, when icons are lost, we grieve. And grieving deserves respect. I hope that if you can’t sleep, you’ll find peaceful, comforting things to do in those late hours (Perhaps knitting-especially for charity or to make something special to delight a loved one). And let yourself grieve. Over Michael, bless him, over your surgery, over the little losses that have accumulated. Honor those deep feelings of grief. Grieving is an essential part of healing.

    And then we’ll all celebrate when you find springtime again. So many people are touched by your energy and faith—you have no idea.

    From your internet knitting friend, with love.

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