Carrots and beets, sewing and knitting

How the stylish go gardening….

Gardening is in full swing here at Chez Crazie.  Plenty of weeds to pull,too hot to do it…y’all know how it is.  Yesterday I ate the 3 beets that came out of the garden (the birds ate most of the seeds this lvery wet spring).  The largest one was almost the size of my fist!.  Supa delish.  Plus we got carrots – about 25 actually edible carrots of some size.  Granted, I’d planted short carrots because of the overwhelming clay content of the soil but, I’ve never gotten carrots that one could really eat before since we moved here.  I’m basking in the little victories.  :o)  Pictures were taken, but they are the kind that need developing so good luck on ever seeing those babies……

The Force of Nature decided last week that there would be no more mucking about – she needed a charcoal grill of her very own.  She took about $50 from her savings account and went and bought herself a really nice grill which we as her parents are allowed to use occasionally.  Of course, since she’s 11, we must supervise her grilling attempts, but she wanted her own grill.  I *love* that girl!!  She has also informed us that, even though 2 months ago she swore up and down that she HATED and LOATHED summer camp last year, now she wants to go. Since I’ve not been sleeping well this past week, and my own ‘puter is still on the blink, I’ve not been able to research what I can do about this so late in the game.  Ahhhh- the capriciousness of youth…

Some sewing has taken place, altogether too slowly unfortunately.  The sewing area is in the garage which not only has no AC (but then again neither does the rest of Chez Crazie right now…and for the foreseeable future, heart surgery being rather expensive and all) but it has no insulation and no fans.  I’m still working on the toile for *the* summer dress I want to make about 5 times in different fabrics to wear a lot; it’s quite an easy pattern, but I am out of practice and then of course the wee bairns and the dog-a-boos all wanna be right in my lap while I work and asking 50 skidillion questions, which I as their mother must answer *immediately* or the sky will come crashing down….   Ummm, just for the record: the dog-a-boos ask no questions, but they do want to be petted right now and said petting continued until my arm falls off or they expire from old age.  After all, whatever could I be doing that could be more important than that?

Knitting is still a refuge though. Most everyone knows not to bother me overmuch whilst that is happening AND knows that they must wait until the end of the row unless blood or fire is involved.  Tonight I cast on a full size test swatch for the baby blanket I hope to make several times over for all the babies in the famdamily this October/November.  I’m using a new yarn for me – Caron’s Simply Soft  Eco.  Yes, it’s mostly acrylic (and so very washable; verra important) not terribly expensive and comes in some lovely colors.  It’s also got some post-consumer recycled plastic as part of the fiber content.  It’s a bit splitty, and I don’t have the actual pattern I want to use – I(‘d have to buy the whole book for 1 pattern which I may yet do if this proves at all challenging to recreate – but I think it’ll be nice enough.  We shall see.

Did I tell you about  my purse getting stolen and then returned?    It, like my super-gushy post about the handspun that Sarah gave me last week (Sarah, I take it out and pet it often; I showed it to the mailman…), will have to wait.  Oh yeah, and I’m WAY behind in my swaps…….but life is good.  My heart is STILL beating and I have a wonderful family and beyond fabulous friends and the possibility of musicking fairly soon and enough yarn & fabric to swim laps in if I wished to, plus the new Knitty is out  AND Norah Gaughan has done a bunch of AMAZING men’s sweaters so there’s plenty  for me to smile about.


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  1. I’m glad you’re able to keep the upbeat, positive attitude, Helen! Maybe you need to attend WWKIP Day just for the a/c time.

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