Sorry for the blog silence….

My ‘puter is still on the blink, still have no air conditioning, and somebody from China hacked my Paypal account.  But let me say this:



They caught it and I didn’t lose any money.  But I do have to change ALL of my passwords, which bums me out just a little.  I can’t even remember what some of the places I’ve put that password are(various sites and all).

On the heart/health tip, my cardiologist is happy with me, and I’m off the hated blood thinners.  Dr. “L” said that it was amazing that we even found what was wrong with me.  So I’m glad to be alive.  I still have a small hole in my side – the wound care clinic has been very kind to me, and daily naps are now optional rather than a necessity as they were before.

Can you say tomatoes?


Yup, I’ve got green tomatoes all over the place (I mean on my tomato plants!); I can hardly WAIT for them to ripen.  I’ve started harvesting the garlic, and am gonna get those effing peppers into the ground!  Ahhh gardening….

Just outside where I’m sitting, we have a covered patio and every year a few birds nest there.  This year we have a pair of  some kind of thrush that are raising their second batch of baby birds.

BabyBirdsScreaming(someone else’s picture; not “my” baby birds – the camera’s battery charger is still missing)

They make a LOT of noise!  But I enjoy hearing them anyway.  I think I’ve finally got Studmuffin trained to watch from a distance – we’ve had a couple of nesting pairs that abandoned their nests after he checked them out.  The pair of thrushes aren’t very big, but they’ve chased away several other nesting pairs of larger birds from nesting on our patio. It’s amazing to watch.

The blackberries and black raspberries are blooming, there’s grapes on the vine and OH!  I just heard some thunder, which hopefully means rain.

I’m still working on my toe-up Jaywalker socks.  There’s not much “give” in this stitch pattern so I have to make them much more fitted to my own feet than any other socks I’ve ever made.  I’ve finished one that will probably get frogged if the one I’m working on now fits better.  It’s kind of a fascinating experiment, and it’s a little too warm here at Chez Oney to work on anything larger.

And I actually cleaned up the stash a good bit and wonder of wonders!  made it possible to sew again.  I think I may cut out a pattern today – God willing and the creek don’t rise.  Anything to avoid fixing my computer…..

I received some FABULOUS handspun fron Sarah….but that deserves a post of its very own, so you’ll have to wait.  :o)



  1. Yikes! I am glad they spotted it in time, but understand about the inconvenience factor. I hope the ‘puter and ac troubles are soon remedied.

  2. It’s interesting that you can blog regularly, but are unable to complete your swaps (all of which can be completed online).

    “I DO NOT FLAKE. If you haven’t received your swap, please let me know and I’ll resend it or find a way to make it right. It is VERY important to me that you receive whatever it was that you were supposed to from me.”

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