Sweat happens….

Our heat pump, which has never been very muscular in the cooling dept.  has pretty much decided NOT to cool the house and the heat of summer has arrived at last.  So, the house stays cool til’ about noon and then gets really HOT.  We are contemplating various strategies: yesterday we went to se “UP”  (please please please go see it….but NOT in 3d and bring yer hanky) and then we went to the Green Mountain Nature Trail ‘cos it was too early to go to dinner.

It turns 0ut that Studmuffin has *never* been to this place and it was just lovely.  But we walked the trail and I got all sweaty – and this was my day off from exercise.  Oh well.  On Saturday, we got up early, took the dogs and went to Wade Mountain greenway and walked almost 2 miles, so I was good on the exercise tip this weekend.

Today, I get to use a new-to-me piece of workout equipment at cardiac rehab.  Joy – I just hope I don’t hurt myself.  And Studmuffin is running late so we’ll meet there a little late, which is why I have time to post.  Tomorrow I’ve got several dr. visits and hopefully I can get off more of these meds.  I miss my vitamins……

The garden is coming along; I harvested some of the garlic yesterday.  It didn’t get huge, but we planted late anyhoo.  Now I can plant some beans and cukes.  All the tomato plants are looking good – gotta get the pepper plants in – maybe this afternoon.

And I wanna get a dress cut out, and I wanna do a meal plan, and I wanna go to knit night tonight, and…………………..I must be feeling better because the thought of all I need to/want to do isn’t making me want to go back to bed, and the last few days I haven’t required a nap.



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  1. Yikes! I hope you all solve the cooling troubles, and soon.

    We plan to see Up on Sunday. Why not in 3d?

    So, is it the elliptical or the rowing equipment that is threatening you?

    OK, I see you have a lot of potential to-do items, but I really hope you make knitting tonight a must-do.


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