An update from the Studmuffin himself

The dear husband sent out a health update to some family members and I thought I’d  share it with you.  :o)

“We went to Nashville last Wednesday for Helen’s six week appointment with the surgeon.

Everything went well, they cleared her to drive again and took her off a couple of the medicines she was on.  We have to make another appointment with the cardiac doctor here in Huntsville for early June.  That doctor will decide when she gets to get off the remaining medicines.

She’s been going to a cardiac rehab facility at the Huntsville Hospital Wellness Center here in Huntsville.  She’ll go for 12 weeks total (we’ve done it for 3 weeks now), 3 days a week for an hour each day.  If she makes every session she’ll get a free month’s access to the Wellness Center.

Her wound is healing nicely.  We’ve got an appointment with the wound people during the second week of June, but I think that it may be completely closed up before then.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, believe me, that’s all the details you want to have.

School’s out on Wednesday, they had to do two days this week to make up for the closure during the Swine Flu pandemic, the pool opened over the weekend, and if the rains ever stops and the sun comes out again, we’ll be heading into summer.”

2 more things:
1.  Please say a lot of healing prayers for my cousin’s wife ,Shane.  She had a big operation last week and her recovery has been rather botched (imo) by the hospital.

2.  Go see the new Star Trek.  I’ve seen it twice and will probably go again….

StarTrek Movie Poster 2StarTrek_2009Movie



  1. I’m glad you’re healing and getting strong again!

    Ok, I did it. I saw Star Trek on your (and the NYT’s reviewer’s) recommendation. They did it SO right! They nailed the characters beautifully. I didn’t understand why time didn’t correct itself at the end, so I’ll probably have to see it again….

  2. I’m glad you are continuing to heal. I hope you do not need the wound clinic people, but if you do, they are amazingly good at what they do. We did Cardiac Rehab, too. In truth, we were a bit of the fail. We never finished, and never attended any of the educational sessions. That arm machine seemed to slow the clock. Plus, I am short, so I had to sit funny on the chair. However, in comparison to people fresh from the hospital following a cardiac event, I look like a superstar on the treadmill 😉

  3. I’m so glad to hear of your improvement and healing. And glad to know the wrong soap didn’t delay things too much! My transplant time is getting closer. Probably near end of June if all goes well. Take care of yourself.

  4. I feel a little guilty noting this, considering some of the serious subjects in your post and comments, but I just noticed on seeing the movie:

    Vulcans wear sweaters.

    That is all.

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