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Guess what???!  It rained today.  I know yer shocked: it’s only rained just about everyday for the last 40 or so……  This morning,  Studmuffin and I tackled the numerous weeds in the garden.  We got thoroughly soaked but we also got most of the weeding done.  AND then we cleaned the garage.  I still have much work to do before I can actually use the sewing machine and serger for their dedicated purposes, but at least you can walk around now.  The Yarn stash has been multiplying while I wasn’t looking….but why can’t the cashmere reproduce instead of the acrylic?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Tomorrow, Studmuffin will run the 5K Cotton Row Run, so I’ll be up early to cheer him on.

The charger for the camera battery is STILL AWOL (I am really rather frustrated by this!!!) so you’ll just have to make do with awful camera phone pictures. Sorry.


Socks for Tangela

This is the Red Heart sock yarn with Aloe; it’s a pretty good yarn to knit with.  They are much more orange-y in person.  One of the best knitters I know admired them so you know they’re pretty good.

first toe ups

My first toe-up socks

The yarn is Plymouth’s Happy Choices (color 7)  which I received in a swap.  It is a really wonderful yarn to knit with! This pic is of my second attempt; the first attempt (which I’d knitted almost to the gusset) turned out too big!  That’s pretty amazing when you consider the enormous size of my feet (size 11).  The pattern, Diagonal Lace Socks,  is from the book Socks from the Toe-Up which I really like.  However, now that I’m past the heel flap and all, I’m thinking the yarn might be better as a pair of Jaywalkers (Ravelry link).


Noro Silk Garden scarf #4

Modelled so beautifully by Boris.  He’s such a sweetheart…very patient with me.  When I tell him to “STAY”, he surely does.  His sister, Natasha, couldn’t be bothered……

I’m also working on a cabled handbag, but I don’t yet have a picture of that.  Here’s the website for the pattern:
And I have a kind of secret project for a friend who is getting married…..

And I’m WAY WAY way behind on swaps…..perhaps tomorrow….funny how a little major surgery can just ruin one’s calendar!


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  1. I think my yarn stash might do the same thing. Perhaps it is that we use the good stuff, so the less lovely appears larger by comparison? I actually have the beginnings of a plan to use more of that yarn. Maybe after I have greatly reduced its size, I will be ready for more of my favorites.

    We hope you are able to get out and knit with us soon. We had very high levels of Skank and Snark this evening.

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