I’m feeling better all the time…..

Hey y’all – sorry for the blog silence; I’ve been kept away from the ‘puter by my family but more importantly I have some actual knitting to take pictures of and cannot remember what I did with the special digital camera battery charger….so I was kinda waiting for that to reappear and 2 weeks slipped by.

HOWEVER, there are yarn crimes to report:


Even the model seems to have mixed emotions on this……


“Oh yes.  Just the thing to throw on when heading out to the chilluns’ soccer game….”


It’s hard to know even where to start on this garment: the alien eyes located over the nipple area, the see-thru skirt or the open areas over abdomen?  Boy oh boy, it sure does LOOK comfy to wear too.  Well, at LEASt it’s EXPENSIVE…….

Of course, this designer has even MORE designs to show you here.

(A shout out to Marin at her very funny blog for introducing me to these criminal garments.)


As amazingly mindbogglingly awful as the above yarn crimes are, the item for sale that inspired this post is one I saw in person today.  My dear sister-in-law has been here all week helping me out and she has been just great.  I decided early on that we really needed to goof off while she was here and that has proved to be a wise (but highly fattening) decision.

She enjoys going to the mall and so we have been touring some local malls and today we went to the oldest mall in the city.  It’s been rather a while since I went there and many many of the stores that used to be there are gone and a few newer but rather less swanky shops have opened there.  While Homeschool Kid was drooling over the used games at GameStop, sis-in-law and I got something to drink* sat down and we were able to peruse the offerings at a rather cool new shop that does a lot of wonderful airbrush painting.  Of course, I was captivated by the TACKIEST thing they had:


It was the best pic I could get with my phone – I’m SO sorry you cannot see it in its full glory.  It’s an airbrushed toilet seat with a portrait of………………………


……………that’s right: JOHN WAYNE.

If this had been a pay week, I probably would have bought it myself.  Dad’s turning 70 in a few months and this may just be the commemorative item for that momentous occasion……

*  I totally wigged out the girl at the drink counter when I asked her for an orange sherbert milkshake.  She’d never heard of such a thing, which isn’t surprising ‘cos I made it up years ago when I worked at the Mill Stream one summer.  It actually has no milk in it: orange sherbert, ice and orange soda all mixed together.  It tastes like a very sweet unhealthy Orange Julius.  Homeschool Kid finished the last third of it, making happy noises the whole time.



  1. Who on earth dreams up those knitted garments??! And the models look so happy to be in them!! (not!) You are a discerning shopper…finding a John Wayne toilet seat! But, really, how could you sit on that thing??? In would be sacreligious to say the least! Glad to hear you’re up and at ’em….and getting into mischief! BTW Gary ‘invented’ Tiger ice cream when he was a kid….orange sherbet/licorice! Great minds think alike! Blessings! S :o)

  2. So nice to know that you’re back, good as new! I always look forward to reading your blog.

  3. So glad you are continuing to heal!

    So, if you can make it to the mall, does that mean you can make it out to knit soon? I have small prize for you. It was allergies making the ear infection and assorted crud hang on for me, but I am clear, now.

    That looks like an awesome present.

    We used to make sherbet freezes at BR which was sherbet and soda (or 7up when they did not have just soda) blended together. They are an awesome way to cool off in the summer.

  4. I am finally cleared to drive myself again so I hope VERY much to be out knitting on Memorial Day Monday at B&N.

    Yes a sherbet freeze is exactly what that is- a much better name for it I must say.

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