Yarn crimes! & My new favorite website…

Hah!  You thought it was twitter?  Oh no….. It’s


because handmade ain’t always pretty.

Of course I’ll always adore Cake Wrecks and have a real soft spot for Stitchy McYarnpants Rad Dudes and the Museum of Bad Art, but  Oh my goodness, do I love this site.  Here’s a few yarn crimes (some of which are not safe for work if you click through -you have been warned!).


A giant sock monkey with “accessories”


How chenille and knitting should NOT be used




Yes, it is ugly and yet STILL a crime on top of that!


This is amazing and weird – perhaps not a crime…..


Not only is this a yarn crime, it might actually be damaging to the children AND illegal: a real hat trick.

Enjoy, y’all.


  1. OMG!!! I came by to say hello, and that I’m blogging again and will link you––and what do I see? Wow. Craftastrophe is like driving by a traffic accident; you KNOW you’re holding up traffic, but you just have to slow down and look. The nude (?) family is frightening. Why do folks do this? You know I’m gonna continue to peek, right. This is great!

  2. “Hi:

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