A Crazy Week & a Surgery Date

Finally! A date fer surgery. Now let the worrying commence!
It’s April 13th, by the way, and I’ll also be participating in an experimental drug trial as well. Turns out my surgeon is the CHIEF of Cardiac Surgery at Vanderbilt, so I’m feeling pretty confident. :o) Perhaps he’ll be worth the wait….. We asked him what he thought was the cause of my mitral valve going bad, and he said that he couldn’t say for certain but it was NOT because I am so fat like Studmuffin has been thinking (although the doc acknowledged [and so do I] that I do need to lose a whole lotta weight); it is probably just degenerative valve disease that may have some kind of genetic component. The doc said the proper name of it twice, but I didn’t catch it. It began with an M….. I have to say that I was *happy* to find out that I didn’t cause this to happen by my ginormity (and therefore cannot be blamed for it by said Studmuffin).
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Today, Homeschool Kid had to have a frenulectomy…I won’t go into it all, but he’s feeling sore and on mushy foods for a few days. The Doc was running late so it took all daggone day and I had other stuff to do……On top of that, neither our regular insurance nor our secondary dental insurance would pay anything AT ALL for this procedure, which made me wonder again: why do we give them our money? Is it all just a giant Ponzi scheme? :::sigh::: It has been an expensive day.
Something fun
More bunnies: this time it’s video of SHOW JUMPING BUNNIES (I kid you not)


. Studmuffin & I both have lost weight and it is rather easy. But he’s an engineer and so loves to do charts and graphs (that boy sho’ does know his way around Excel), and he’s been giving me grief that I wasn’t coming up to snuff with my pound-a-week goal on his charts that he sends me via email (especially before we found out that it isn’t my overweight that’s cause the heart trouble). It was buggin’ me that he was buggin’ me – especially last weekend when he several things to say about it.


No , this isn't his chart...I just thought this was a funny graph....

That chart didn’t look quite right to me, so I put in the data I had: the day we started No ‘S’ing, the couple of times a week I’ve been weighing myself and made my own little chart in Word….

HA! HA! HA! His chart was WRONG!!!!

Y’all would be so proud of me: Tuesday night we were working on some other numbers (yes, we’re such nerds….) and I showed him my data and my chart and asked if perhaps he might’ve put something in wrong? He was in denial for a little bit and accused me of “cherry-picking” the data; I said that I certainly could be wrong, but would he please check it maybe tomorrow?

He sent me a new chart the next day…and it was fixed! And GUESS WHAT?! I’m doing rather BETTER than my weekly goal. Since he wasn’t here, I did my little happy dance of truth and justice. Always check the facts, y’all. Always. Even if somebody else minored in Math in college, you still gotta check the facts.

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I didn’t get to go out knitting at all this week (well, except in waiting rooms at doctors’ offices) and I miss my knitting buddies. I’ma have to miss them for at least a month after the “Grand Opening” so I don’t want to miss them before the event.
Something fun:
If yer a Star Wars fan at all – click HERE
There’s all kinds of other stuff that happened, but I still gotta practice some more music before bed. Hopefully I’ll post some actual KNITTING on Sunday. Won’t that be different? 🙂
Something fun: And here’s an

you can make.
There’s lots of really cool origami

That should keep you busy until Sunday maybe.



  1. I did not make it out to knit with people at all this week, either.

    Have you begun planning your recovery knitting? I would recommend lace, but that is my standard recommendation.

  2. Just want you to know that I am thinking of you and have you in my prayers. I will be coming up to Nashville on the 13th for my appointment at Vanderbilt on the 14th. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

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