Anglophilism, other stuff and Menu Plan Monday – 3/9/09


Monday – stuffed cabbage

Tuesday – Shepherd\’s Pie

Wednesday- Spaghetti

Thursday- Tacos

Friday- Sandwiches

Saturday- Cheap Eats fundraiser

Sunday- Romano Beans und Rice or leftovers


Tonight I hope to get to my Sit & Knit night over at B&N; I haven\’t been in several weeks and 1) I miss everybody & 2)  I\’m behind in my knitting.  The earlier daylight savings changeover is getting me all messed up – I wish they\’d put it back to where it used to be……  :::sigh::::

I wanted to tell everybody that my dear friend Cris in Kansas sent me a fantastic travel coffee thing with Hoops & Yoyo on it for Ayyam-i-Ha.  I was COMPLETELY surprised and it made me laugh and laugh.  Thank you again Cris!  I\’m really hoping to see Cris this summer; it has been years and she is one of my favorite people (and boy oh boy can she SING!)

Speaking of favorite people, I recently found the link to my friend Chris D.\’s (aka Baron Von D\’Lucci) blog.  It is SO GOOD to read what the royalty is doing these days….

Mi madre asked about the \”whingeing\” in the title of the blog. Fair enough – here\’s the explanation:

to whine :to snivel or complain in a peevish, self-pitying way

to whinge : to complain; whine. British and Australian Informal.

So \”to whinge\” is the same as \”to whine\” \’cept that the former is British slang, and since I grew up in New England where Anglophilism runs rampant, I like whingeing better than whining.  It sounds slightly more comical to me as well.  Now, if yer an Anglophile and can keep up with British accents fairly easily, you should listen to the BBC\’s News Quiz with Sandy Toksvig.  It\’s a current events program with Sandy and four other comedians and it is FUNNY.  You may not get all the references to the various government ministers, but I love this show.  You can get the podcast thru iTunes, but I like to get it directly from the website since they update more frequently.


It was 80 degrees yesterday and will be that again today, and the previous Sunday we had snow. (!) The Studmuffin took pictures that I hope to get on de blog by tomorrow.



  1. I am loving our Spring weather, but see it’s supposed to drop 30° down to 50° this coming weekend.

    Thanks for your prayers re: my health and the transplant. I have been keeping you in my prayers with your heart surgery. Wanna use this smiley at the slow pace of the docs? Both of us need to get well. I will keep posting updates to the blog whenever I’m able. My sibs got their donor test kits yesterday to see if they match me. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    My #2 DD was in the outdoor shots on the CBS Early Show yesterday. Not something I ever watch, but as they were scheduled to be there I had to tune in (and also record) it. She’s on a theatre/drama trip to NYC this week and having the best time. In May she gets her driver’s license. Your babies have grown so much since I last saw them. Seems like I just blinked my eyes and they all transformed. LOL.

  2. Ah, forgot html wouldn’t show up in the comments. The smiley is red with cute hair and a great expression shaking a rolling pin.

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