A lovely little discovery for me

Organic V8 does NOT give me heartburn!


I’ve learned over the years than V8 is usually a “love it or hate it” thing and I’m one of the lovers.  But I haven’t drunk very much of it for about 10 years because I would always get this bad heartburn about 20 minutes after drinking even a small glass of it with food.  I put that down to “the adventure of aging” and resolved only to drink my beloved red stuff every now and again.

About 3 months ago at Costco, they has a really nice price on a package of 2 large jugs of Organic V8 juice and I decided to take the plunge.  For over  2 months, the V8 has sat in the pantry looking red and luscious – practically taunting me with its tomato-ey goodness.  I couldn’t wait anymore last night & I opened one.


I had 2 glasses of it and then I waited for the ‘burn.  And waited and waited and waited:  NO HEARTBURN!  Such a simple pleasure to be had so easily.

If you’ve had trouble drinking V8 in the past (Mom-this means you), I recommend giving the Organic V8 a try.  You’ll know it is organic because it is written in BIG green letters on the label,  plus there’s a nickel-sized circle on the right hand side of the label that says “USDA ORGANIC”.

rets001066 I just love this lady’s hair.  Amazing how that hairstyle on a 30-something woman (I’m judging that by her hands) makes her look 65+.  Not a glowing recommendation for tomato juice I’m afraid.  How *did* she get her hair to do that?  Could it have been the pesticide residue?  I’m pretty certain that massive quantities of Aqua-Net were involved at some point…..