More music for Ayyam-i-Ha!

Well, Ayyam-i-Ha was officially over at sunset yesterday (March 1) but I had promised to post more music for y’all and since I got distracted by my life this weekend and didn’t post anything, I decided to go ahead anywayand give y’all some more!

Are you surprised by any of the folks on this list? On this list everyone is a Baha’i *except* the Procussions, but the featured vocalist is Tara Ellis and she *is* a Baha’i. And I am not completely certain that Buffy Sainte-Marie is *officially* a Baha’i, but she has performed at a number of Baha’i conferences over the years, is listed on Wikipedia as an adherent and there is video someplace of her accurate explanation of the Baha’i belief in Progressive revelation…so she if she isn’t officially a Baha’i, she’s one at heart and that’s what counts. :o)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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