Pay the knit designers fairly please.

Who could have forseen the rise of knitting on the Web or Ravelry?  Please go and read designer Annie Modesitt’s very lucid explanation of what’s been going on here:

I made the comment to her on the blog and I pledge now: I was very seriously considering subscribing to the Vogue Knitting magazine this year but now I won’t, and I will not buy it off the newsstand until their unfair policy is changed to a fair one.


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  1. It’s truly a difficult dilemma as a designer. I have designs ready for submission to magazines/books, but the rate of return is so low that you make $.05/hour and loose your rights to the design. I’ve a piece coming out in a book that took months to create between knitting/felting/embroidering/lining the sample and writing the pattern and making the charts — all for $50 payment. It doesn’t pay the rent let alone your time. Let us hope that magazines like VK step it up. Yarn Forward is doing it right. I’m hoping to do some work with them. Fingers crossed!

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