Episode V – “Catching Up” and sleeping

So last Tuesday night I had my long awaited sleep study.

I was told not to have any caffeine after 12 noon and to take no naps.  I also had to bring my usual sleep stuff and pillows if’n I wanted too.  I got Bill to drive me over to the hospital where the sleep center is so I wouldn’t have to leave a car there.


I met Miss “P” who was my “sleep tech”.   She was the one who put all the sensors all over my head and got to watch me sleep all night.  She was a really nice person and very easy to talk to so we hit it off right away and had a lovely chat.

After you get your sleep togs on, then they take this paste and stick about 30 sensors all over yer head.  It isn’t uncomfortable, and now I am wishing I’d taken a picture of myself all wired up.  There’s also sensors attached to your chest and legs,  then they turn out the lights and off you go to the arms of Morpheus.

I was really ready to sleep, plus I was able to have my iPod so I had no trouble falling asleep, unlike at home when the phone rings, or one of the kids needs something, or the dogs want to go out, or the husband has to snuggle or any one of the million things that needs doing around here gets in my head and I have to go do it.  On purpose I did not bring any interesting knitting that might keep me up; I only brough a few balls of yarn that needed rewinding.

I awakened several times during the night – someone sent a text message to my phone, then later a sensor on my leg came loose, but I eventually fell back asleep only to be awakened at 5 am.

I asked Miss P if I stopped breathing at all during the night, and now I can’t remember what she said, but I do remember she said that she thought I would probably have to come and do a second sleep study where I’d be attached to a CPAP machine.  She was surprised at how small my snore is, and I probably would need the CPAP machine to be on a low setting, but it could make a big difference.  She also said that she thought there was a problem with my REM sleep.  That’s not good because that’s where you get yer good rest.

I haven’t heard from the sleep dr’s office, but I have scheduled a date with Dr. W, the Huntsville surgeon the day after I go see the sleep dr.  I’ll keep y’all posted.