Episode IV- the Return of “Catching Up”: Tree cutting and knitting

One of the things that attracted us to the neighbohood we live in was the number of mature trees everywhere.  Studmuffin and I agree that we do not enjoy the raw look of new subdivisions, so that was a big reason we moved to Reston, Virginia when we did that and when we were looking for a house here.


(no this isn’t my picture or my tree, but it is a maple so you get the idea)

One of the downsides of  having mature trees is that they die and need to be removed so they don’t fall on you, the car, the house, the dog, the neighbors, and so on.  We lost the two beautiful maple trees in the front a few years ago to old age and the power company was kind enough to take those down for us for free (of course the knuckle from one of them is STILL sitting on our front lawn…but I digress).

The ivy covered maple in the back has been losing big chunks of itself every time we have some big wind and we knew we had to get rid of it too.  Every now and again a tree service would come by and tell us that we needed to take the tree down and give us their card and give us a real big price.  The removal would be dangerous and I knew that was reason for the big price.  However Studmuffin has been deluding himself for a long time that he would do it himself (over my dead body!  There’s a reason trees like that are called “widowmakers”), and so would never call anyone.  Finally, one fella whose child goes to the school across the street just kept coming by and talking to Bill and gave him a price that Bill thought was fair.  So yesterday, the tree cutting commenced.  I was SO worried for the man doing it – that tree was really dangerous even though I was impressed by the man’s skill and experience (he had all his limbs and digits and has been doing this for years).  Only one segment hit the roof at all – only the gutter was damaged, and the man was not hurt.  Thank God!  He stacked up all the cut logs out side the fence and by 8 pm last evening most had been taken by people driving by.  Studmuffin thought we should have sold it (meaning that I would have sold it while he was at work – he hates selling stuff) but I was just as happy to see it all go.  I also convinced Studmuffin that we should give the tree man more than the amount they’d agreed upon because it was so dangerous.  Studmuffin was home sick from work yesterday, so he got to see it himself, and I think that was the clincher.


Other than the Zigzag mittens, I made some other mittens this week;







Even though the pictures are pretty good, I don’t think they show just how pretty these things are.

Pattern: Mittenz

Yarn:  Plymouth Yarn Expression, 2 skeins red/orange, 1 skein grey/black (counts as a “super bulky” yarn)

Needle: size 10 US (6.0 mm)

Ravelry link:  Mittenz for Kim

This is a quick knit and fun to do, since the construction is sideways.