Catching up – Parte the Thirde: appliances

When we bought the house about 11 years ago, there was no stove or fridge in the place and the sellers included a rather small allowance in the asking price for us to get those; I think it was $350.  We went out looking and had a serious case of sticker shock.  Fortunately, we picked up an old but still working fridge (a side-by-side model in avocado green from the 1970’s) for $150 and got a second hand stove for $100.  The stove had 3 small burners, 1 slightly larger burner and the oven ran about 25 or so degrees hot. It was a “no frills” item for certain and I – as the main cook – often wished for better but was pretty happy with our cheapo stove.  However, in the last 6 months or so, one would occasionally get a small shock while cooking, so we knew the thing had to GO.

On the night before Thanksgiving 2008, I was running behind and had not accomplished the usual task of cleaning the oven before the cooking of Ze Turkey, so Studmuffin started the job.  He hadn’t ever done it on our stove in this house and so had a little trouble with the oven door.  So much trouble that he somehow disengaged and/or broke the springs in the door mechanism.  So all during the cooking of Ze Turkey (and everything else since), the door of the oven has been held shut by this:


(Y’all I **swear** I thought I had a picture of our stove closed with the bungee cord – it has caused no end of laughter when folks come over, but somehow the picture has disappeared. Bad word bad word bad word!  Suffice it to say: it only further  enhanced our luxurious decor here at Chez Oney.)

The tax return came in, the appliance store was having a sale and VOILA! Last Sunday we got a new stove in situ.  No more electric burners – we have a cook top.  The heating element in the bottom is enclosed plus it’s self cleaning AND – imagine the squeals of delight from all of us when we discovered the oven light! I will take pictures and post them after I clean the kitchen to a photographable state again.

Since the appliance store charges a goodly ammount fer delivery, I prevailed upon Studmuffin for us to get (drum roll please):

A chest freezer!


We have been talking about getting one since we got married so it was long past time to get one.  Now I hope to freeze some of our own garden produce this next summer.

Believe me, a stove sans bungee cord closure and random electrical shocks is a thing of beauty.

Part four is on the way…

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  1. Oh that is so exciting! Not that you were getting shocked, but that you got a new cooktop, oven and chest freezer. I KNOW you will love the freezer this summer when your garden is going full tilt.

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