Catching up: Lux Interior RIP, Secret Pal, appliances, tree cutting, knitting, sleep study, twaddle…

I know I promised a post on Wednesday – I fell asleep!  I’ve been thinking about posting every day…but I got busy.  The Force of Nature got a bad cold and was sick all weekend, then I had the sleep study Tuesday night (more on that in a minute) then Studmuffin got sick. He actually stayed home from work for 2 days; this has never happened before!  He was feeling better yesterday and wanted to go to work, but I convinced him to avoid coughing all over his workmates and to stay home.  Then Homeschool Kid got sick yesterday……he’s still sick today and in bed right now, which is why I’ve got a little time to blog.


Back in the summer of 1985, my friend Danny from Canada was telling me all about the bands he liked and he talked about The Cramps.


I had never heard of them.  A few years later I was in college and a part of the college radio station crew and I looked up the Cramps.  I loved them!  So funny, weird and sexy and kitschy and good fun.  Their lead man, Lux Interior (far left above), became a kind of hero for me. His bass player, Poison Ivy (in the sparkly pants), was a big part of the whole thing and she and Lux were married and were together for 35+ years – which isn’t what one usually thinks about with punks and the lifestyle.

Anyway, like we all do at some point, Lux passed away on February 4 at the age of 60, 62 or 64 (depending on what source you read) from a previous heart condition.  Back in 1987, it was widely rumored that he’d died of a herion overdose and Poison Ivy started receiving condolences, flower wreaths, etc., which Lux at first was cool and then it turned “kind of creepy”.

The world is a stranger, more interesting place because of the Cramps – Studmuffin called me this morning after hearing on NPR of Lux’s death.

Here’s a couple of videos:

This one is MUCH harder to watch; the Cramps did a free concert at a mental institution in 1979 and it was captured on a handheld video camera.


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  1. They’re awesome Helen, thanks for sharing….. I would *never* check out a group called The Cramps but it’s really great 🙂

    I’m enjoying your loooooong ketchup…. me, I would have put it all in one and been too hard to follow 🙂 That’s why you rock.

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