“C’mon, get healthy!*” and other maunderings

She's gonna use this on Facebook.

The Force of Nature and Mr. Sheep

She's gonna use this on Facebook.

She made that hat for Mr. Sheep

She made that hat for Mr. Sheep

The Force of Nature and Mr. Sheep

A little eye candy……


Along with all of the “hurry up and wait” stuff surrounding my upcoming heart surgery,  the New Year has happened and Studmuffin begins his quest to get fit yet again.  Fortunately, he already has a very new pair of really good running shoes, so we were able to skip over that part of the yearly ritual.  But I must lose weight and I’m pretty unwilling to undergo yet MORE surgery for that to happen, so we gotta go abut it the old-fashioned way.  Studmuffin is enthusiastic – much more so than in previous years – and that should help a lot.

While at our favorite family hang out – a bookstore – I saw a book about the “No ‘S’ Eating Plan”  and I was attracted to it, so I bought it.  No ‘S’ stands for:  no snacks, no sweets, no seconds…except 0n days than begin with “S” and “special days”.  I read the book and have decided to give it a try. You can learn loads more about it here: http://www.nosdiet.com/

One of the hardest parts of losing weight for me is the serious focus I have had to have in the past to lose weight; I become obsessional about food and everything else takes a back seat.  And then the hardest thing: actually keeping it off – that requires lifestyle changes.  These rules seem simple enough for me to remember and act upon, plus there’s a lovely lack of emphasis on “good”  and “bad” foods as well as enough “wiggle room” to be practical.

The engineer that came up with “No S”  has also developed an online calendar thingy called HabitCal that can help you keep track of how well you are doing with any daily habit and it’s free (you do have to register).  It’s a powerful motivator for me to see the little green boxes that denote success.  Give it a try.


This guy has developed a number of things, originally just for himself, to change poor habits into good ones.  The other one I’m kind of fascinated with is called Shovel Glove.  Man, I just love engineers…..

So, since Saturday was gonna be Studmuffin’s and my first day after beginning “No S” I wanted to get some goodies to eat.  I had received a gift certificate to the Fresh Market so we decided to go there and get some things Friday night in anticipation for Saturday.  We got quite a few things – most of which we did not eat and which rung up to a healthy total over and above the amount of the gift certificate.  But the fun I had in anticipating what we would eat was *priceless*. Anticipation is a delicious sauce for a treat.

Studmuffin has also come up with an idea to keep us exercising together.  We have to do something at least 4 times a week together over and above anything we do on our own, and each of us have 1 “gotta do” each week, meaning that if one of us  doesn’t want to do it, the other can say “you gotta do it” and then you have to do it.  It’s gonna be really fun using these on him when I wanna do the salsa dancing exercise tape……

I’ll keep y’all updated on how it’s going.


The issue of personal privacy and my blog has come up with No. 1 son.  He feels that I tell everybody everything;  I feel like I have been very circumspect regarding him and the amount of stress he has caused me in recent years.  Of course, I come from a “Let it all hang out” kind of family – loads of embarassing stories told about me to strangers and so on. Plus I think moms should have a lot of leeway.  I’m curious to know what others think, so I put it to you, dear readers, do you think I have been too revealing of private family business on my blog?  I’ll be looking for y’alls comments.


Another recent accomplishment is that I got the  2008 taxes done.  Tax preparation software has seriously simplified this process for me, and we’ll be happy to get our few coins back from Uncle Sam.


The last few months online I’ve been using a wonderful online tool called “imeem”.  They have lots of stuff but I’m mostly into it for the music.  You can make playlists of all kinds of music that people have posted to the site and you can listen to it online for free asa streaming download.  Right this very second I’m listening to a Stevie Wonder playlist I put together.  I’m a big Stevie Wonder fan, but I don’t have every single thing he’s ever recorded and about half of what I have are records and my turntable is on the fritz.  So I made a playlist of all these songs I either don’t have (like all the stuff with Syreeta Wright) or I can’t currently listen to, and now I can hear it when I’m online and it isn’t taking up valuable real estate on my harddrive.  You should check it out.



The hat that Aretha wore to the inauguration was over the top, but COME ON PEOPLE!  Aretha has **always** dressed over the top – it’s part of her persona as far as I’m concerned.  Is this news to everyone?


I’m tryna catch up with my Google Reader bit by bit.  Unread posts are hovering in the 800 to 900 region; maybe I’ll get it down to 700 by next week.


Gail is a reader from out West and she contacted me  saying that she wanted to send me something.  I got it last week and OH MY!


1200 yards of Mountain Colors laceweight—SQUEE!!!!!!!

I don’t think I would have chosen these colors for myself, which shows that Gail has MUCH better taste than I do because I simply adore this skein of yarn.  I’m thinking I’m gonna have to get that Estonian shawl book so I can make a shawl worthy of this yarn.

Thank you so very very much!  You have no idea how much this cheered me up on a very bad day, and I’m gonna be sending you something in the next few weeks.


*  What Tv theme song is this taken from (with one word change)?  I’ll tell ya next week if nobody gets it.



  1. I hope you are able to find the way of life that works for you to change your weight to what is healthiest for you. I understand too well about the obsessive dangers associated with such an endeavor. I hope that this being a joint effort helps.

    I think the decisions on the privacy issues really depend on what works for your family and comfort levels. It can be enlightening to explore the thoughts behind the feelings.

    That is beautiful yarn. I am knitting with some Mountain Colors that I spun, and I am even working from that very Estonian lace book. It is fabulous.

    Partridge Family. Yep, now that song is stuck in my head.

  2. Helen, I’m with you. Moms have leeway. I don’t mention DD#2’s name on my blog because she is still a minor. But the things I write about are the things that are important to me. Luckily both my girls understand that and seem to have no problem with it. Maybe it’s a boy thing. I have another friend with boys and they HATE for her to say stuff about them.

    Aretha’s HAT. I LOVE IT. I want to order one just like it, but am trying to decide where in the world I would wear it. Maybe I should just put it on and drive around Huntsville with the top down on my car. LOL.

    Good luck with the weight loss program. The whole S thing sounds interesting. I’m going to check it out.

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