I have “p”.

A good while ago  Brandy did a meme about ten things she loved beginning with a particular letter.  I Asked her for a letter, she gave me “p” and I forgot all about it until now.  You should be grateful, y’all, ‘cos this is way better than what I was gonna write……

  1. Parents – My mother and father made lots and lots of mistakes raising up us kids….but they did the best they could, which turned out to be not too darn bad after all.  I can never thank them enough for all they’ve done for and continue to do for me.  Plus they are good people on top of that.
  2. progeny – Children – I haz them.
    Children - I haz them

    A new meaning for

    I adore them beyond reason; they’ve truly no idea, I have tried to tell them.  Oh well, they’ll learn just as I did: by having their own.

  3. pilgrimage – I have been overwhelmingly blessed to go on Baha’i pilgrimage not just once, but twice.  I know I’ve said I will write about it here, and I will, but I’m just not ready to yet.
  4. prattling on – In print, online, in person or on the phone – I am a champeen talker.
  5. pals –  I have been again overwhelmingly and undeservedly blessed with fantastic friends – people I would die for, and as I get older that list has gotten longer, which is stupendous. I count among these friends, my partner, Studmuffin, who still thinks I’m funny AND cute after 20+ years.  Plus he’s always got my back.
  6. people – I think people are wonderful and endlessly fascinating, both individually and in aggregate.  The blogosphere has enabled me to know lots more of them and that has been incredible.
  7. purling – many knitters don’t like it; I guess I didn’t either until I learned to knit Continental.  Now I love it.
  8. playing -of lots of different kinds.  I love to laugh and be silly, play with the kids, the dogs, and of course- playing music, which must be preceded by another “p” I’ve come to love= practice
  9. peace – I’ve been one of these people who always had some kind of noise going on – usually music – and didn’t enjoy silence.  In the last couple of years, I’ve leqarned much more about enjoying silence and I have come to love it.  Of course that is only one kind of peace; I’ve rather dedicated my life to achieving peace on a global scale.  I believe with every fiber of my being that peace is our inevitable destiny AND that it isn’t some kind of static thing, like everyone holding hands and sniffing flowers.  It’s much more of a dynamic thing……
  10. prayer I love to pray.  I love what prayer does, how it changes things.  I especially love prayers that are chanted or sung with deep feeling. Here is one of my favorite sung prayers; it’s very simple really, but for a long time I could not sing this without tears flooding down my face.

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