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My Google reader has been 1000+  unread posts for over a month.  I’ll no sooner get it down below 1000 and then it’s back up again. Grrr. Guess why I’m up so late?  Well, it’s because of the holidays.  Ya see, most every knitblogger I read has been posting their merry fingers off since they’ve had a bit time off for the holidays, so the number of unread posts is WAY up above 1000. Call me the knitblog Scrooge.

On a happier note, I’m about half-way done with the Ice Queen cowl I started a few days ago for my secret pal, even after frogging back 4 or 5 times.  I sure hope she likes it……. I’m making it out of the 100% cashmere lace that I overdyed.  Some of the dye is crocking off onto my hands as I knit, but not nearly as badly as a few of the indie dyers I’ve bought yarn from.  I even got some really pretty beads to match it for next to nothing at Michael’s. Pictures maybe tomorrow.

AND some rather marvelous news: one of my favorite musicians ever, David Wilcox, has more demos, outtakes and live songs to download, so I did.  He’s one of the few artists that Studmuffin and I both really like, and he’s a truly excellent storyteller with a lot of earnestness (is that a word?) in his lyrics and his voice.  We went to see him for the first time ever a few years ago at Workplay in Birmingham.  First off, if anyone you’d even halfway like to hear live performs at Workplay, you should GO.  It is a simply wonderful place to hear live music – period. They used to have a supercool website – not anymore, but hey!  They’ve put their $ into the actual place. But I digress…….

Anyhow, I coerced Studmuffin into coming out to see Wilcox – it wasn’t that hard, but it did take a wee bit of cajoling, and it was fantastic. I sang a little harmony to myself on most every song, plus the place was packed.  I was in heaven, and the Studmuffin insisted, after I mentioned a whim to do so, that we should hang around after and meet him. I wish now that I hadn’t – not because he wasn’t nice because he was, but I gushed stupid fanguage all over him(something like “I own everything you’ve ever recorded!  Gee by golly whiz bang, Mr. Wilcox, I think yer great!”).  A year or so later for some giftly occasion, like his birthday, I gave STudmuffin a live concert DVD of Wilcox…and it turned out to be the show we had seen in Birmingham. Cool huh?


So I say allllllllll of that to get to this:  he’s recording a new album, but in the meantime I now have about 18 more tunes of his, most of which are unfamiliar, to listen to until then. Life is good.