A New Year neato-thing

Yes, in case you have been seriously out of pocket, I’ll remind you that as of today it is 2009.

The neato thing I discovered today was that Amazon has about 500 mp3s one can download for free.  I love downloading music legally – there’s a lot out there and much of it is worth hearing and you certainly will not hear it on ze radio.  I have only downloaded 1 song illegally.  I did it 5 years ago and I still feel guilty. Stealing is BAD and I know it. I have been waiting for it to be available for purchase so I can purchase it legally and begin to erase the blot on my conscience.

There’s a lot of blogs out there with free downloads on them; I won’t list those that I know of because my taste in music is SO eclectic and wide-ranging most anyone else would be very frustrated trying to find music that they like.  I will however mention that Magnatune and eMusic have a daily free music download, and Performing Songwriter puts 12 free downloads on their site every month.  Actually, eMusic has lots of free music available if yer a member. And then there are the podcasts……  I have so much new free music that I now would like to get an external drive to hold more music because I won’t hardly ever delete music and the addict wants to be sure of her supply. :o)
I have 2 New year’s resolutions that I hope to keep. The first is to give more money to my favorite charity rather than less(and therefore buy less yarn because I really DO have enough).  To keep this one, I’ll have to really keep the second one, which is to keep my own personal checking account on the plus side MORE than it is on the minus side.  Someone once asked me if I was really bad at anything, since to that poor misguided soul I had created the illusion of competency – even excellence- in a number of areas; along with maintaining a sylph-like figure, I am really bad at caring for money.

Money does require care; it’s like a poorly domesticated pet.  It’s always off peeing in the corner, rolling around in something foul smelling and dashing out the front door at top speed so you have to spend hours chasing it, then when you finally get the wretched thing contained, it demands to be fed.  Hmmmm…perhaps my attitude has something to do with…?   Could be.  I don’t really care very much about money, so it’s hard for me to take it seriously, kind of like housework.  It’s just a tool and I derive no pleasure from its management.  But Studmuffin takes money management very VERY seriously and sees my lackadaisical attitude as a kind of disrespect for him (because it’s ALL about HIM), plus it’d be nice to spend my money upon things I’d like as opposed to spending it on banking fees.  SO this year, I’m going to pay more attention to it, take better care of it.  Pray for me – I’m way outta my comfort zone on this one.

I promise – actual knitting content is on the way.


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