All I Want For Christmas….


::::crickets chirping:::::

OK, if I can’t have peace on earth…..then I want to join a sock yarn club.


My first choice is the Rockin’ Socks Club at Blue Moon Fiber Arts, but that’s way out of my price range.   Second choice is the Woolgirl Sock Club but that’s also a little rich fer me blood.

So there are a few on Etsy that look good to me:

The Jane Austen Sock club :

The Twilight Knits Club :

Of course there’s always the Red Bird Knits every other month Sock Club:

If any of y’all have belonged to any of these, please tell me if you thought they were worth it.



  1. How ’bout the singing teachers’ sock club? I’ll trade hand-dyed sock yarn for singing lessons if you like. I have a new base that’s very soft. I know money is sometimes handier than yarn, though. Let me know if you’re interested.

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