A Secret Pal 13 package

As I said in the previous post, my fabulous secret pal sent me a wonderful package last Friday which made me squee with delight!!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Here’s all the loot:


I didn’t have much time (or much light – it being a foggy, dark, rainy day), so the pix aren’t all that great.

And the individual stuff (all of which was wrapped in white tissue paper with gold ribbon):

dscn1078_015 Organic Cider mulling spices in tea bag form – OH YEAH!  I didn’t even know these existed! I’m going to try them tonight (I can’t drink caffeine after 5 pm so I substitute oher hot drinks).


A wonderfully colorful stripey skein of Meilenweit –  I’ve never hadany before!  I will be cast something on with this tonight.  AND….


A lavender sachet – yay!  AND>>>


A beautiful skein of SOCKS THAT ROCK!!  I’ve only ever fondled this stuff before – never owned any!  I had to do a little dance when I unwrapped this!

I took these pictures, but then I just knew there had been something else….  I started looking around.  I am SO easily distracteded these days that it was hours before I re-discovered the other wonderful present my SP had sent me:


The 2009 Knitting calendar!  I had just been looking at this online…….

Girl you definitely know my tastes!

Plus she’s already emailed me about colorways for Noro Silk Garden….I may have to adopt her once I find out who she is!


The fun never stops- today a shipment came from Sundara Yarn.  I’m in her Seasons Yarn club  in the Winter subgroup.  I do so adore her yarns; not only are the amounts generous, the fiber is top-notch and the colors are amazing!  I think if/when I sign up again, I’ll do the Summer subgroup next.  So far I have received 1000 yds. silk laceweight, 2 different colorways of sock yarn and today I received this:


The fiber is so wonderfully soft with a sheen to it; it’s 500 yards of fingering weight Silky Merino in the colorway ‘The Life Aquatic”.  It’s beautiful, but I think I’m gonna trade it for the Spring color way “Sugar Plum” which I’m more likely to knit.  There’s a lot of trading that goes on in the Sundara groups on Ravelry;  this is my first trade and I hope it goes well (I’m pretty sure it will).

Tomorrow, I’m off to the Dr. to find out the results of all the testing done last week.  I’ll let ya know….

It’s been a great birthday!