Photo trouble and a place to visit

Hey y’all – such a slow posting week – I’m sorry. I’ve been occupied with family flapdoodle all week and last week too. Today I’m off to Atlanta for an OHF singing thing at a Baha’i conference. My mother is flying down from Virginia and we’ll share a room; I’m really happy to be seeing her again so soon.

I have lots of photos to share but my SmartCard reader isn’t functioning at all and I cannot find my USB cord for the camera. Many, many USB cords do I have, but none with the peculiar jack for my camera….and I just had the darn thing!!! I’ve been looking all over for it and I’m so frustrated I think I will go buy another one before I leave because I really really wanna upload some photos. Can do cell phone photos still, but they’re not as nice.

I have finished the sporran for my Outlandish Swap and it turned out really well. Here’s a couple of cell phone pix:



Pattern : Albem by Berroco

Yarns : Ultra Alpaca and Plymouth Tweed held together

Needles: 5.5 mm & 6 mm

Mods:  Did not do the tassels or the single crochet, changed the strap (made it longer and also lg. I-cord; lined with cotton fabric.

I have some swap items inside so it would stay upright and I lined it with a thin woven Mackenzie cotton fabric, but you’ll have to wait for those pictures to see the lining.

I’ve also been tryna catch up on all my swaps. There’s one that has me SO frustrated: it’s to make 6 six inch square afghan squares in my swapee’s colors and I’ve probably made 10 of them by now, but I keep misplacing them – as of yesterday, I’m back down to 5. Of course it is my memory troubles that are seriously complicating the issue. My swapee is being very patient and I will eventually get them all done but I want to knit other things……(whinge whinge).


For the last four months, I’ve gone over to Scout J’s website and downloaded her desktop calendar. I find it extremely useful and they are beautiful (her yarn swag is quite fabulous as well). Recently, she’s begun to wonder if she should keep doing the calendars and asked for comments. Of course I weighed in with my $.02, but I think it would be even better if all y’all would go on over there, download a calendar to your desktop and then write her a comment.

I hope to blog again next Monday or Tuesday and hopefully have lots o’ pictures!