Hives and Google Reader and stuff

So I promised y’all some pictures…and you’ll get ’em I SWEAR! I was gonna write an apology for not writing much this week, but I figger it this way – an apology for not blogging is really boring for me as a reader so why should I do that to all 3.5 of you AND it would take almost as long as just writing a short post so why didn’t I just hurry up and do it already?

This past week I was Queen Oversleeper Extraordinaire – I didn’t go walk a single morning last week because I slept thru the alarm every single day. I did, however, go walk the crazy dogs with Studmuffin both yesterday and today in bloody early morning cold – as in “bloody early” and “bloody cold” – we went just under 2 miles each day. My walking partner is not mad at me…but I do miss her.

So last Sunday, I sat down to knit for a bit in the sleep-inducing chair…and fell asleep for 3 hours. Here’s the weird thing: I woke up, went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror….

AAACK! my face and part of my neck were covered in hives.

Boy, I sho’ looked purty as you can imagine. I have no idea what caused them. I spent the next three days trying to remember what I ate or put on my face that would cause them and carefully washing my face gently with plain water and a “mild as water” facial cleanser. I was clear by Thursday but it is a mystery to me. I’ve NEVER had hives before – I’ve only seen them on others. I didn’t do anything unusual or eat anything unusual. Studmuffin thinks the crazy dogs must have rolled in something and I do put my face on or near them when we cuddle…. Still it was very strange.

While I was on vacation, I did not read any blogs at all, so my Google Reader had something like 800+ posts for me to peruse. I spent some time getting it to below 400 posts and then have tried to stay away from the computer this past week as it has become such an incredible time suck. So tonight it’s back in the 800’s again and I’m bummed. I love my Google Reader, you know that, but the pressure can be too much to bear sometimes.

Studmuffin fixed the washing machine this weekend. It has been doing some leaking whe ever you use it for the better part of a year now and apparently, this weekend was THE time to fix it. Only by the end of Saturday, it wasn’t fixed – it was worse as in flooding the house. So on our early morning walk, after Studmuffin told me we might be without a washing machine for a month or two until we could afford to buy another one, I tried in my most tactful way (which – if the truth be told, is not very tactful at all….) to suggest that even though one is an engineer, that does not, necessarily, mean that one can or even should fix things on one’s own, and perhaps someone who fixes these things for a living could be called and maybe all was not lost and it might not even be terribly expensive. Such effrontery could not be borne! How dare I have the temerity to suggest such a thing? He would of course take all the laundry to laundromat if it becomes necessary so that I would not be inconvenienced….!
Thank Heaven for small miracles because when I and the kids got back from devotions around noontime today, the washing machine was churning away per usual AND not leaking at all. I thanked him for doing such a good job on fixing the washing machine. :o)

I spoke with my mom tonight and I could just kick myself sometimes because I never learn. She was talking about her recent trip to New Hampshire to visit her sister (my darlin’ Aunt Cynthia) which was very cold weatherwise, and she was talking about how she hasn’t really gotten over her earlier bout with bronchitis and other various respiratory ailments and I suggested that she might try chewing nicotine gum instead of smoking for a few days. That way she wouldn’t have the withdrawal symptoms and she might be able to feel a lot better. That conversation devolved into a disagreement about smoking which was stupid on my part.

I *do* try hard not to be the rabid ex-smoker to my folks and well basically everyone who still smokes because it is their choice to do so and I hated that when I was a smoker. I do bring it up with my parents from time to time, usually when they are complaining of some kind of respiratory ailment that won’t go away, or talking about money saving strategies. I *know* I am not going to change my mother’s mind about smoking; if 8 years working as a cardiac nurse didn’t do it, what hope have I? However, when she started going on about how awful these smoking lounges are in various public places and how smokers are treated as pariahs and practically like criminals, I jumped in with both feet about how smokers do NOT have to go into nasty lounges because smoking is a purely voluntary activity, and lots of blah blah blah more, and that I had very little sympathy for smokers. Of course all of what I said is true, but why didn’t I just keep my mouth shut?


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  1. Sorry ’bout your hives (and your washer) and glad you’re back….don’t ever apologize for having a life 🙂 (Says the girl who hadn’t blogged in a week 🙂


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