Yes, I did.

Did you?


I live across the street from the school which is our polling place, so I grabbed a little knitting and headed over there at 7 am.  I ran into my friend Niki so we amiably chatted in libe for 45 minutes.  There was some grumbling because there were supposed to be 3 lines – A thru H, I thru Q and R thru Z, but since there were no signs or “velvet ropes” to keep people separated, there was a bit of a set to because somebody supposedly cut in line…..ah yes, we are all grown ups here, I think.

I was DELIGHTED to see so many people out to vote.  Some had brought chairs, several people had books or newspapers, but mostly, folks were chatting with each other.  I saw many of the people I know by sight who live in this part of town, and several people were taking pictures – it did my heart good.  And I thank everyone, both now and in the past, who has worked and sacrificed so that I and everyone else in the United States  CAN vote.

I hope you will, too.

FYI – most polling places close at 7 pm; if you are not in line by 7 pm, you won’t get to vote.