A quiet Halloween et al

Studmuffin was out of town all week in California for work and of course I had a cold.  Am I actually getting wiser because I did NOT try to do everything I had on the to do list to try to rest and get better?

I’m still “schnutzy” (thanks Meg) but much improved. Homeschool kid couldn’t decide on what he wanted to be until the last daggone minute…we went to Party City on Friday afternoon (that was seriously awful and crowded) and we paid too much $ for a guy from the Matrix costume. It was *supposed* to look like this:
Other than the fact that it was long and black…it looked almost nothing like this. We had to go to Target to get him a black t-shirt and black pants to wear underneath.

Homeschool kid is VERY funny on a daily basis.  For example, while waiting in the rather long line at Target, we were near the perfume display, so to pass the time I started sniffing.  All the testers were the famous people perfumes: Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, Baby Phat (Kimora Lee Simmons), Britney Spears and so on.  I picked up the first one, sniffed and said:

“Smells like baby powder”

Picked up the next, sniffed and said:

“more baby powder”

Picked up the third:

“This one’s like baby powder too”

the fourth one, Britney Spear’s Fantasy, I picked up, sniffed and before I could say anything, Homeschool kid puts in:

“Bourbon and Vicodin?”

I laughed so hard I thought I was gonna have a Depends moment.

So the youngest kid (hereafter known as the Force of Nature) had cajoled her daddy into getting her a spiffy costume a few weeks prior to the big day, which of course cost way too much $ but hey! Apparently I no longer have any say in the finances so I guess it’s OK.  What did she choose?

Darth Vader… of course.  All the other 10 year old girls are Hannah Montana, and princesses and stuff.  My kid wants to be the greatest mass murderer in the Star Wars universe.  Should I be worried?

So she puts everything on, and decides that she doesn’t like the Vader mask, so she pulls her hair back into a pony tail and goes as:

Darth Louisa

Come to the dark side.  We have cookies.


So both kids end up going trick or treating with other families, and I stayed at home giving out candy, knitting and watching television.  And what edifying things did I choose to watch you ask?  Wifeswap and Supernanny.  Usually I dress up, but I didn’t do a single thing this year. I’m hoping it’s just the cold leftovers and not that I’ve lost my Halloween mojo.  I *did* do a pretty spiffy Halloween Blues radio show Thursday night tho’.*

And then there were dogs.  Natasha, fierce defender of Chez Oney (say Shay Oh-NEIGH), was very excited that people were coming to the house and tried to bark her head off.  I put both her and Boris into the boy’s bedroom but they got out thru the bathroom door.  Then I tried just putting Natasha in there – she’s not the escape artist in the family.  Boris did sit and stay when I told him to, but the temptation to go meet his adoring public was just too great so he got out and pressed the flesh, so to speak.  Thank goodness the family that I was giving candy to at the time have 2 large dogs at home and so their children were not scared.  I finally managed to get both dogs into the boy’s room and shut so they could not get out.

The dogs LOVE chocolate – especially Natasha. On the day before yesterday I had about 10 small packages done up to mail out (swaps and birthday presents)  and there were two that had a small plastic wrapped chocolate inside the mailer wrapped inside knitted afghan squares.  I went out to do an errand and I came back and those two mailers were in shreds, squares strewn about the floor and tiny chocolates devoured.  Yes, I do know that chocolate is bad for dogs.  I guess it’s my fault for not putting everything 10 feet above the floor.  Sheesh.

We started off strong in the candy giving out – to the point that I worried there really would not be enough candy, but it dropped off drastically so we have LOTS leftover.  Since I know that I worry every year about not having enough candy, I always buy too much, and therefore I only buy candy that I like.  None of that cheap stuff for me!  Studmuffin got home late Friday night and had missed me so much that there was no complaining about the pile o’ candy left over (of course it probably helped that there are lots of M&Ms and Tootsie Rolls in there).


OK, I admit it – I have a mitten problem.  I LOVE them – I simply adore them.  I love to make them, I love to design them, I love to read about them.  I got another wonderful book in the mail today:

Don’t let the kiddie cartoon-like cover fool you – this is a serious and a seriously good mitten book.  I got it used for very little $ and it was in terrific condition.  I can hardy wait to do some of these.  Two years ago, I was hat obsessed, last year it was mittens, this year it’s looking like mittens and scarves.

I’m also figuring out how to put my two mitten designs on the web.  I haven’t yet got the hang of charting on my PaintShop Pro, but I’ve found some other graphic resources that should do the trick.  They are both adaptations of other patterns so I won’t be charging for them, but eventually I think I might be able to make some pin $ for some original ideas I have. Stay tuned….

However, I find myself in the middle of another kind of mitten problem:  I cannot find my two main mitten books – a Finnish pattern book (yes, it’s in Finnish.  I do not speak Finnish but there are charts) and Latvian Mittens by Lizbeth Upitis.  ANd I’m supposed to make 3 pair of mittens from the second one in the next week.  Several weeks ago had taken them out of the bookshelf to look at them again and to determine if I had all yarns necessary to make them.  I’m blaming Studmuffin for this one.  I’m convinced he put them into a pile of stuff someplace somewhere around here.  Unfortunately I cannot find either of them and it’s *really* bugging me.  I have found alternate patterns to make the 3 pairs that I need to get done…but I want my books back.  Whingey whinge whinge.

Have you seen this?  It’s verra cool regardless of whom you plan to vite for next Tuesday.

Yes, We Carve!

I don’t remember people doing many political pumpkins since the 1976 election, but maybe I just wasn’t paying attention.  I may have said this before here but I’ll say it again:

I do NOT care WHOM you vote for, but dammit!  You should VOTE.  There have been so many sacrifices made so that we could vote; there are still loads of people on this planet who are not allowed to vote.  I mean, c’mon – who in the heck is too busy to vote- even if it takes all daggone day?  I believe that rights not exercised will be taken away sooner or later.  Please go and vote.

All that being said, my oldest child (hereafter known as No. 1 Son) has not done thing one about getting an absentee ballot or registering where he is now living, so I can chalk up yet another parenting failure now can’t I?

The supermarket closest to me has been carrying locally made apple cider and it is heavenly!  I’ve been making regular trips to that market whenever we run out because it is SOOO good.  Homeschool kid was sure he didn’t like cider until he tried this stuff.  It’s one of the things I love about fall.

I made applesauce today in the crock-pot.  It didn’t come out hugely well, but I corrected the seasoning so now it’s a fabulous topping for vanilla ice cream.  Once this batch is gone, I’m a try again.  Homemade applesauce is another fall favorite for me.


I was gonna do the November Blog everday thing (a.k.a NaBloPoMo )  but it’s already November 2, AND I will travelling twice this month where I don’t think I’ll be able to post from where I’m going.  I will try to do it every other day of the month though.  The family is going to the beach for almost a week starting next weekend (yay! a mini-vacation!), and  I’m going to NC for the last weekend of the month as a 40th birthday present to myself.  I may have to take Homeschool kid with me but I do not care – I need to see my people.

I’m still knitting Tangela’s hat and many many afghan squares. Nothing new cast on unfortunately/fortunately – will post pictures of current projects maybe tomorrow/later today.  I am happy that 2 pairs of socks were completed in October/Socktoberfest and am planning on more socks very soon. I got the rest of the yarn for Danica on Friday – Patons Soy Wool Striped in Geranium.  If it goes well, I want another one in Di Ve’s Teseo in Ashes.  I’ve not done entrelac before but it looks like fun.

Then I saw this coat that I want to knit:

My beloved winter coat (8 yrs +) is looking kind of tatty so I may actually make this.

I will be knitting a sweater in November:  That blasted test knit!  I am committed to not letting this thing get the better of me!  NaKniSweMo-ers unite!


Google Reader is my favorite thing on the Net these days.  But it is WAY too easy to add subscriptions….I’m a little afraid to look and see how many blogs I’m subscribed to now, but I will for the sheer heck of it.

OK, first I’ll guess the number: 300?

HAH!  I was wrong – only 227 subscriptions.  That doesn’t make me an addict.  Does it?


The band might actually start up again – I think I have found us a guitar player.  Oh I do hope so!!!!


Tomorrow I will be taking the Force of Nature to High School Musical 3 at the theater.  I think with large doses of Aleve before and chocolate afterward, I’ll be OK.  Pray for me……

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  1. The busy is overwhelming! The only mitten problem you have is the missing book. Nah, not a parenting failure, but a parenting disappointment. Does the HSM3 mean you will not be at B&N?

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