10 Favorite Horror Movies…?

This “Ten for Tuesday” doesn’t work for me…….I seriously dislike horror films.  I could actually get up on my soapbox and rail against a society that uses violence for enteratinment, but today I won’t ‘cos I’m still on the mend (Thanks for asking).  I get nightmares when I watch scary stuff, so I generally don’t.

So here is the list of films that I like that might possibly fit the meme o’ the day:

  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – the “dying scene” with Paul Reubens is one of my favorites…EVER.
  2. Blood Sucking Freaks – this is so campy and silly, not worthing watching twice but worth watching once
  3. Frankenthumb – Steve Oedekirk uses animated thumbs and sends up Frankenstein in a seriously funny way.
  4. The Blair Thumb Project – Steve Oedekirk spoofs the Blair Witch Project to great and silly effect.
  5. Rocky Horror Picture Show
  6. Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein
  7. Beetlejuice
  8. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow – The Johnny Depp/Christina Ricci version.  I saw this in a bar in black and white with the sound off, closed captioned with a rockabilly band playing in the background.  I really liked it, I’m not sure I would watch it by myself though.
  9. The Nightmare Before Christmas – Tim Burton’s Masterpiece in my view
  10. Young Frankenstein – The Big Grandaddy of them all!  An absolute “must see”; can you say ‘schwanzstukker’ without laughing? Go watch it right now!