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Howdy y’all.  I’m sick with a head cold – happy weekend.  Faugh.  So instead of my writing something good and groovy, I thought I’d share two articles that I really like because they provoke thought.  So read them and tell me whatcha think.

“You don’t HAVE to be pretty…..”


The Crazy Mixed-Up Fantasy About Thinness (Warning: there is some adult language in this article).

Many pictures under the cut (may not be safe for work; when in doubt, don’t LOOK)

So what is beauty? What is pretty? Is it what we are used to?  Who seems to be having more fun?

And you CANNOT tell me “it’s all about health”…because it ain’t.

In 2005 - told she was too heavy

In 2005 - told she was too heavy

in 2006 shortly before she died from anorexia.  Her name was Ana Carolina Reston, 5'8" and 88lbs.

in 2006 shortly before she died from anorexia – Ana Carolina Reston, 5’8″ and 88 lbs.

Do we really aspire to looking like famine victims?

The AMAZING Sophia Loren...wouldn't be allowed on the set of a movie now.

And don't even get me started about AGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And do not get me started going on about AGE


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  1. Wow, how’d I miss this post? Very thought provoking, particularly as I just saw a picture of myself and my immediate response was “the diet starts tomorrow.” Funny thing is, when I meet someone, I don’t classify them as fat or thin or decide whether or not I’m going to like them based on how much they weigh, but for me? My self-image is completely tied to my outer appearance and what I think it should be. I think some acceptance is in order.

    Thanks for a great post.

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