The recent blogging break was brought to you….

  • ….by Google reader.

Yes, I finally sat down and figured out how to use an RSS aggregator to read blogs (it wasn’t very hard at all.  Maybe they made it easier?).  Now, instead of opening 20 or 30 browser windows at a time (veddy slow) and going through them all to see who has posted, I just log into Google reader and all the ones I’ve subscribed to just show up.  It’s lovely!  So I’ve been reading many blogs and have come to the conclusion that my blog is probably only interesting or amusing to very few people out there.  That’s ok – I love those of you who read my verbiage and especially those who comment!  I do not think I will ever have the widespread appeal of other bloggers, but that’s really fine.  I mean I wish I did, but I know me and I won’t probably develop a masterful writer’s voice unless by Divine intervention.  Oh well.

  • by feverish knitting.
I’m tryna get several projects done at once, and I am largely succeeding!  I realized last Monday That my mother’s birthday was coming up this weekend and there was this pair of socks that I had been planning to make for her… I cast on and am now almost done with them.  Yes, I’ve missed the actual date of her birthday, but she’s me mum and she knows me, ye ken?  I’ll post pictures of them after I’ve sent them off to her.  I also hope to post some of her writing here this week.  I’ve been meaning to do it for the longest time…
Plus, my friend Jason has moved to Finland.  No, really, he’s moved to Finland to work for a cruise shipping line.  SO I made him a hat in a couple of days.  He has no hair so I knew he’d need a good hat.  I was happy to get it done.I can’t remember if I actually took any pictures of it though…..   My middle kid wants one now, but in MUCH brighter colors – no problem.
And I made the helmet part of the dwarven battle bonnet that needs to be done by Saturday….but I used the wrong needles and it was too big.  I felted it and it’s still too big.  Fortunately, the middle kid likes it and he’ll use (he has a big head).  I just have to make his beard for him.
AND I’ve been procrastinknitting on the test knitting pattern.  I finally got both hanks of 1200 yards of super lovely laceweight alpaca blend into cakes and all ready to swatch.  Then, like a doofus, I left them in one of my many, many knitting bags on the floor and Bluto, my enormous fur-puddle of a cat, went and squooshed them so the cakes aren’t quite….right.  I think I can still use them.  I pray that I can, because untangling 2400 yards of laceweight is gonna make me a little grumpy and rather delay said test knitting.
  • because of catching up on swaps
As could be expected, I am still the poster child for biting off more than I can chew, and so needed to finish up 5 swaps this past week, as well as sending a big package to the oldest kid….now that I have a mailing address for him.  Sending off swaps would be no problem if I didn’t keep accidentally joining international swaps.  It’s a pain in the tuchas to mail even small packages out of the country.  I’m behind on 2 swaps, but I should get those done by Tuesday.
  • by the podiatry incident
I think that’s deserving of a post all by itself, so you’ll just have to wait.


UPDATE:  Based on y’all’s comments, I have decided to wait until I can buy another skein ofthe Shetland Triangle yarn to finish it off for real for real.  I may cast on the next one, it was such fun…..
It’s fall break from school this week, so I hope to blog everyday, putting in several things that are long overdue in this space……
See ya later.  Like tomorrow.

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  1. Album covers are great! I’d vote for #1 or #3, but any one of them would be excellent. I’m glad this project is coming to fruition — I WANT.

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