The weekend wrap up

Here are the headlines:

  • the DH is going out of town for a week
  • the lawnmower was STOLEN – yes, the NEW one
  • one of my dogs ate some yarn – yes, NEW yarn
  • I went into the red in not one but two checking accounts and am mystified as to what the money got spent on
  • the weather is gorgeous
  • ordered a whole mess of garlic to plant
  • have almost completely lost my gardening mojo
  • back to wheezing and not sleeping or taking the nasty medicines
  • figured out something on the ‘puter
  • got a new voice student
  • behind on a couple of swaps and a spamflash
  • various childrearing conundrums
  • knitting
The DH is going out of town for a week. This is good news/bad news.  It’s nice to have a break from each other (and the usual routine expectations that I routinely fail to live up to), and I still,  even after 20 years of marriage, sleep better by myself, but now I have to do all the kid to-ing and fro-ing and that’s rather a hassle. Plus, he’s been extra-sweet lately and I will miss him.  I’m counting it a blessing that he’ll be gone only a week – he was originally gonna be gone for two.  I have a fantasy that I’ll completely clean out and organize our bedroom before he gets back as a kind of gift for him.  Pray for me that I can accomplish it.
Have a wonderful time in San Diego, studmuffin.  By the way, he told me I’d better not blog about him EVER. Yah right – sure thing babe.
Our el cheapo lawnmower died about a month ago from a combination of old age, overuse and neglect.  Studmuffin took it apart to fix it and then got bored or busy with something else and it sits in the incredibly messy garage in pieces.  Finally waking up and smelling the reality, he said let’s go get a new one.  I was all for going back to our previous purveyor of el cheapo lawnmowers, but he said, “Nay, nay,” so off to the giant warehouse hardware store we went.  We found a reconditioned model that seemed to fit the bill ok and we got that.  It cost about twice as much as the previous model but it was Studmuffin’s money so….ok.  I wanted a self-propelling lawnmower,  (note to self – I do not like self-propelled lawnmowers) so that was what we got. We have been mowing the lawn at the Huntsville Baha’i Center this summer as well as our own, or rather Studmuffin, the non-Baha’i husband has been doing it for $ and I occaisionally help him.  We were getting ready to go do that on Saturday when we noticed we couldn’t find the new lawnmower…anywhere. 
Here’s the thing about crime – it makes you feel bad.  I feel worse about how Studmuffin feels about this event than I do about the actual loss of the mower. He was really upset and many bad words were said. It’s all just stuff to me.  Yes, it’s a hassle to replace but oh well.
 We’ve lived here for ten years and we’ve had 4 things stolen:  one bicycle (though that was across the street at the school), 2 lawnmowers and a pitchfork.  From what I hear from other people, I guess that’s not too bad….especially since every one of those things was stored outside someplace (and not in a shed either).  So perhaps next weekend, we’ll go back to the el cheapo purveyor of lawncare implements and get another el cheapo model….if they still have any.  The Christmas stuff may already have taken over.
Natasha, incredibly fierce dog that she is, failed to eviscerate the lawnmower thief (if only the thief had driven a UPS truck, because she’s ALL OVER THOSE).  So in her time of shame, what else is there to do but to get into my yarn bag, take out one of the brand new skeins of Hoobody Fibers’ What’s Cookin’ and chew on it?
She didn’t do any serious damage, but my goodness – what’s up with that?
So I’m not terrific with money and now I can’t remember anything.  As a result of this excellent combination, I managed to go into the negative on 2 checking accounts this week, which of course incurs the wrath of Studmuffin.  I was very upfront about the whole thing and we mostly acted like adults about it, but there was also the major sucking up that had to be done by me as well.  It could have been worse, but when I printed out a bank statement and he saw that it wasn’t because I had bought a gross lot of tchotchkes from Borneo (always his fear), things calmed down a bit. I feel really frustrated because 1)  I thought I was doing better at this and 2) I am trying to save for a trip to Africa early next year and this isn’t gonna help. Drat.
It feels like fall here and it is beyootiful.  I really do love Alabama weather.
A few years back, we ordered a bunch of seed garlic and grew it in our garden over the winter.  We learned a lot and ended up with a ton of garlic.  It confused some of the neighbors – they couldn’t figure out what the heck we were growing.  Studmuffin has been asking off and on about doing it again, so I showed him the website and we ordered it.  It isn’t hard to grow garlic – you just have to make sure it stays weeded.  Fresh garlic is really yummy too.  We do’t have huge garlic needs as a family if the truth be told; we gave away 90% of what we harvested last time.  Who knows why Studmuffin wants to grow garlic again?  Probably just to confuse the neighbors again.  He’ll be doing most of it alone this time, because……..(see below)
Usually when the weather is lovely like this, I want to be outside and messing with the yard….but I have no desire to.  Usually, even if there’s no desire, there’s usually some shame or at least a sense of duty to keep the grounds here at Chez Oney looking presentable.  All of that is completely lacking in me right now.  I am as interested in gardening at this point in time as I am in learning how to butcher a hog…which is to say: not at all.  What has happened to me?  This is so different…..   I may have to start wearing a tinfoil hat or something because I think it’s got to be aliens screwing with my mind.
So it’s like this:  if I take all the medicines the doc gave me for my allergic lungs filling up with fluid (which he says is NOT asthma) I sleep too much, feel weird all the time and my mouth tastes funny, or I don’t take all the medicines and I can’t sleep for all the lung bubbling and wheezing.  What to do?
 My beloved computer boots up slowly. Really slowly and getting worse.  So I decided to find out which programs I actually need when the ‘puter starts up and which ones are just slowing things down.  I searched around on the net, found a really good answer to my dilemma and put it into action.  It worked just like they said it would, but it didn’t speed up the booting enough.  :::sigh:::   Still, I’m grateful for a little bit.
A young man I know, Navid, is getting married.  I’m SO happy for him.  He’s such a sweet guy and I’ve often wondered what was wrong with the young women of today because he’s one of several terrific guys I know who aren’t married and would like to be.  SO it’s gonna happen for him at the end of November, and I’ma try to teach him to sing before then as a wedding gift.  He’d like to sing something at his own wedding.  It’s not much time – God willing he’ll be able to and that I’ll be able to help him.
It’s nice to have a student again – teaching people to sing is fun – if they are motivated and will practice.
While the studmuffin is away, I’ll be able to catch up on a couple of swaps.  He doesn’t like it – thinks it’s pointless, and so gets all passive-aggressive when I need time on the weekends to do swap stuff, which is why I’m behind right now.  AND I have not done a spamflash in 2 months.  My email is acting wonky as it does most of the time so I really need to come up with a better way of sending it so it isn’t such a hassle for me.  Still, it takes a couple of hours to just write the stupid thing……maybe this week.
Louisa’s a brat.  SHe’s just getting into the swing of puberty and it’s gonna be hell for everybody. Again, please pray for us.  Ian is good, but still not getting nearly as much writing done as he needs to to be ready for next year.  I don’t know what to do.  And the oldest boy has called twice in the past week, each time promising to call back with an actual mailing address so we can send him some stuff that he needs.  No, he still doesn’t have a job, he’s not in school, he’s sleeping on people’s couches and still blaming me for his troubles. No, we do not yet have a mailing address for him. Plus, I was horrified to hear what he told his brother:  he’s doing other people’s homework for food money. This is unethical on so many levels.  And his father said something asinine about how at least it shows initiative……  Oy!  Am I the only grownup here?
The knitting is going well.  Love the Shetland Triangle, love the yarn, and now I even love the colors.  I’ll try to put up pics tomorrow.