I’m not worthy!

Tonight at our sit’n’knit, Sarah gave me a package saying something about how it was my book and it ended up at her house.  I was a little bit confused because I’ve not ever been to her house……but I was delighted with the tissue paper it was wrapped in: she had stamped classic Alice in Wonderland illustrations all over it.  “I have a swap partner who will love to have something wrapped in that, ” was my first thought.

I unwrapped the book and

Holy COW!!!

I couldn’t believe it!  This was inside:

It’s the book – Mostly Mittens by Charlene Schurch.  This book is out of print and I have been lusting after it for years.  I’d pretty much given up ever seeing a copy of it, much less owning one.

This is a princely gift.

I’m shocked, delighted, amazed………………………

Here are some pictures of mittens people have made out of this book:

What fun!  It gives me an excuse to find a very merry unbirthday gift for Sarah.  Yay!  Of course I could make mittens for her….but she can knit rings around me anyday of the week with one hand tied behind her back.  I could design something for her….I’ll have to get thinking about it. I love to give gifts, and I even have a little $ at the moment, so it’s a double present.

Thank you a million times over, Sarah!