Is this Heaven?

Yup.  I’m a total Olympics nut.  I wept through the opening ceremonies, but that’s NOTHING new.  I went to the NBC Olympics site to check out their streaming video.

I am completely amazed.

Of course, once you choose your sport, you are treated to a 15 second commercial.  But then:

LIVE action

NO commercials
NO annoying commentators

There is a knowlegeable commentator posting text comments but they are generally informative and don’t disturb.

I’ve been watching mens & womens extra-light weight judo for over an hour- which I know ZIP about – and it was SO exciting I started getting a tension headache!  It’s kind of like wrestling….  I’m so sleepy but am afraid to miss anything. WOW!

I’m not gonna get ANYTHING but knitting done until it’s over….not the judo, the Olympics.

It’s simply heaven.