The Ravelympics is ON!

After plenty o’ dithering on my part, I signed up late yesterday for the “sweater sprint”:  I’m gonna make my husband a sweater.

Pattern:  White Gansey by Beth Brown-Rinsel (with a few mods by me)

Yarn:  Classic Elite Premiere in Admiral Blue (50% pima cotton/%0% Tencel)

Needles: US5 Lace Addi-turbos

The choice of the yarn is deliberate; not only is it a WONDERFUL yarn and perfect for a 3 season sweater here in Alabama, but Classic Elite is based in Lowell, Massachusetts and that’s where Bill and I met.

So I’m off to do a Channel Island cast on for two welts (214 sts all together), then since the weather is thankfully much cooler, once hat’s done, I’ll go mow the jungle…er, lawn.


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  1. That is going to be a gorgeous sweater. I remember petting that kind of yarn in the store and thinking how great it felt.

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